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Perris Raceway

1205 Burton Road
Perris, California

Team Racing Round 1
Perris Raceway January 13, 2018
By: Steve Evans dreamteamspeedway@sbcglobal.net

Results from Perris and are Continued Below...

  Clark & Jayne Oden Photography  
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Billy Janniro Luke Becker Chance Grove
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Dennis Osmer Dillon Ruml Harold Hartke
Perris Raceway Perris Raceway Perris Raceway
Robbie Sauer William McCloskey Max Ruml


Eagles take the early edge in Team Racing Series

The new look Perris Eagles, led by 8 time National Champion Billy Janniro, took the lead after an epic night of racing at Perris Raceway on January 13th. A beautiful 80 degree day and a mild evening night, coupled with another big crowd was the perfect way for the 2018 USA Speedway season to begin. A full night of racing featured two team matches plus racing in Support and Youth Divisions as well as a very popular Hooligan Racing attraction as the big Harley and Indian bikes ran Old Skool Handicap racing for the first time.

In what was a definite turn up for the books, the Eagles, with strength throughout their order, pulled off an unexpected win against the highly favored Huntington Beach Heathens. Billy Janniro led the way with 4 wins and 14 points, only Max Ruml in heat 11 prevented a maximum. 16 year old Michael Wells scored an impressive 9+1 in back up, and he was supported well by Robbie Sauer who scored a 3 ride maximum from the second string position. For the Heathens Russell Green scored 12 which included a stunning double point Joker win as he rounded 2 time US National Champ Aaron Fox in heat 15. Max Ruml scored 9+1, whilst newcomer Chance Grove had some very impressive rides including a blistering pass of Eagle Redmond Bohannon on the final turn of Heat 4. The Eagles went into a 6 point lead after heat 3. The Heathens hit back with a 5-1 in heat 4 but four straight 4-2s for the Eagles from there and two 5-1s in heats 12 and 13 made the victory margin quite comfortable.

Eagles: Billy Janniro 14 (5), Michael Wells 9+1 (4), Robbie Sauer 9 (3), Chet Kohler 6+1 (3), Ron Davis 4 (3), Redmond Bohannon 3+1 (4), Rick Shafer 1 (4).

Heathens: Russell Green 12 (5), Max Ruml 9+1 (5), Rohn Zellner 7 (3), Chance Grove 4+1 (4), Bruce Marteney 4 (3), Brad Moreau 2 (1) Lawrence McNutt 1 (3), Steve Brown 0 (2),

The defending champion Santa Maria Aces and former champs Ventura Vikings duked it out in a very intense meeting that ended in a tie. Luke Becker won 3 in a row for the Aces before a tapes exclusion ruled him out in heat 11. Solid support came from throughout the team with Mike Lane and Steve Bowen both scoring 7+1. Gino Manzares suffered a mechanical nightmare, mustering just one point in three rides. Dillon Ruml led the Vikings with a solid 11, supported well by Aaron Fox (9+2), William McCloskey (8+1 paid max) and veteran Doug Nicol on 7+1. The weaker tail of the Vikings proved costly with only three points between them. The Vikings scored a 5-1 in heat 1, with the Aces then hitting back with a maximum in heat 2. The Aces edged 6 ahead after 6 races but then matters swung back with the Vikings 4 up after 12. Heat 13 had it all tied again after inspired moves from the back from Mike Lane and Joey Donaldson gave the Aces a 5-1. The Vikings were 1 up going into the last race, with Becker finishing one place ahead of Dillon Ruml. Ruml passed his brother Max in the final which ultimately secured the tie.

Aces: Luke Becker 11 (5), Mike Lane 7+1 (3), Steve Bowen 7+1 (4), Rudy Laurer 5 (3), Joey Donaldson 4+3 (3), Hayley Perrault 3 (5), Gino Manzares 1 (3)

Vikings: Dillon Ruml 11 (5), Aaron Fox 9+2 (5), William McCloskey 8+1 (3), Doug Nicol 7+1 (4), Harold Hartke 2 (3), Tom Bryant 1 (3), Sammy Tetrault 0 (3)

The Division 1 Main event was also the last heat of the team program, featuring one rider from all four teams. Janniro made a fabulous gate from heat 4 to go straight into the lead. Becker moved around Max Ruml for second on the back straight and then Dillon Ruml edged by his brother to take the vital third to tie up their match.

Sebastian Palmese once more dominated 250cc Junior winning two heats and the Main. Jake Isaac again showed his fabulous progress by winning the other heat. Sara Cords came second in the main putting in a very fast four laps. The 150cc Mini class had three winners, Owen Williams taking heat 1, Wilbur Hancock, with a sensational last to first charge in heat 2 with Justin Almon, for the second event in a row taking the Main. The Pee Wee class was dominated by the returning Kensei Matsudaira, taking all races, a feat Steve Brown repeated in the Support Class. The Hooligans ran two rounds of Handicap Racing with 11 riders going to the A Main and 12 to the B Main. Brad Spencer came home with another win in a race format that thrilled the crowd with passing galore throughout!

It is a short three week break until Round 2 of Team racing on February 3rd. Races will once more start at 5pm.

Pro Speedway Main
1 Billy Janniro
22 Luke Becker
3 Dillon Ruml
5 Max Ruml

League Table (win, loss, tie, points)
1. Eagles 1-0-0 2 points
2. Aces 0-0-1 1 point
3. Vikings 0-0-1 1 point
4. Heathens 0-1-0 0 points

Support Class
211 Steve Brown
303 Dennis Osmer
103 Brent Smith
109 Don Nemarnik (non starter)
292 Justin Schultz (non starter)

250 Junior
1 Sebastian Palmese
14 Sara Cords
115 Landon Norton
16 Jake Isaac
96 Andrew Russell (20)
28 Aidan McNutt (20)

150 Mini
7 Justin Almon
04 Owen Williams
48 Jose Navarrete
117 Wilbur Hancock
9 Levi Leutz

Pee Wee
74 Kensei Matsudaira
05 Ryder Schultz
503 Dakota Black
92 Max Rose
33 Shane Smith
723 Otis Gaumer