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1995 East Cost Speedway Race Results

Central Ontario Speedway (Paris) June 17
By Kim Gregory

The racing started at 7:30 P.M. and was charged with excitement by the visiting four riders from Ohio, and four riders from Quebec. The track was well watered, and needed only a quick raking at half time to maintain. It did develop some unpredictably good traction in the end of turn two and the beginning of turn three that was to blame for some bad falls for the Hesmers and Sobec Muszynski. Sobec was hit by Gary, and walked off the track but was unable to continue racing. We have yet to find out his condition. Visiting Scotty Brown dominated the track with great speed and control but narrowly missed top place.

Division 1

  • Place Heat1 Heat2 Heat3 Heat4 Total
  • 1_____3____2____3____3___11__Chris Hesmer #1
  • 2_____3____3____1____3___10__Scotty Brown #10 (Ohio)
  • 3_____2____2____3____2____9__Bogden Muszynski #18
  • 4_____2____1____2____2____7__Gary Hesmer #37
  • 5_____2____0____3____1____6__Guy Fafard #23 (Quebec)
  • 5_____3____3___NF___NG___6___Sobec Muszynski #15
  • 6_____0____1____2____2____5__Gactan Carigan #51 (Quebec)
  • 7_____1____1____1____1____4__#60
  • 8_____1____0____1____0____2__Matt Otto #44

Division 2

  • Place Heat1 Heat2 Heat3 Heat4 Total
  • 1_____3____3____3____3___12__Jon Massie #77 (Ohio)
  • 2_____3____3____3____2___11__Dan Hortop #22
  • 3_____2____2____2____2____8__#54
  • 4_____1___NF___3____3____7__Nicolas Fafard #6
  • 5_____0____2____2____1____5__Rodney Massie #69p (Ohio)
  • 6_____1____1____2____0____4__Mark Engel #69 (Ohio)
  • 7_____2____1___NF__NF___3__Paul Van Dewiel #21
  • 8_____0____1____1____0____2__Jenni Munzer #16
  • 9_____0___NG__NG___1____1__Bryan Marshall


  • Place Heat1 Heat2 Heat3 Heat4 Total
  • 1_____3____3____3____3___12__Arek Dembinski #24
  • 2_____3____2____1____1____7__Carrie Temple #26
  • 3_____2____0____1____2____5__Paul Weaver #13
  • 4____NG__NG___2____2____4__Darren Altmayer #7
  • 5_____1____1____0____0____2__Nicole Deveau #29

NF - not finished - failed to complete the race

NG - not gated - failed to start the race

Central Ontario Speedway (Paris) June 17
Nicolas Fafard, Sobec Muszynski, Chris Hesmer, Matt Otto

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