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1995 East Cost Speedway Race Results

Central Ontario Speedway (Paris) August 20, 1995
By Kim Gregory

Another quick night that ran from 6PM to 8:30PM. as many racers were absent due to vacations. Gary Hesmer won the points championship for the track as his cousin Chris (former high points champion) had engine troubles. Chris had missed several races following his crash at the national championship at Welland, and his racing has been more cautious. Carrie Temple managed to hole the fence in turn two with only minor bruising.

After the races I managed to borrow Gary's leathers and Chris Temple's bike and did six laps. I'm not back to division one form just yet, as it was my first ride on a motorcycle of any kind in 15 years! I felt right at home sliding through the corners, but was at a loss when it came to consistency and control. I'm hooked again! I immediately made enquiries for a bike to purchase. Watch for my name in the results next season.

Division 1

  • 1st 11 pts #37 Gary Hesmer
  • 2nd 4 pts #19 Andy Harris (Thorald Ontario)
  • 3rd 4 pts # 1 Chris Hesmer (Brantford)

Division 2

  • 1st 9 pts #87 Bryan Marshall (Caledonia Ontario)
  • 2nd 8 pts #14 John Cooper
  • 4th 7 pts #16 Jenni Muenzer (Toronto)
  • 5th 6 pts #100 Chris Temple (Toronto)
  • 6th 0 pts #116 Brad Hill


  • 1st 12 pts # 7 Darren Altmayer
  • 2nd 9 pts #13 Paul Weaver (Tilsonburg)
  • 3rd 7 pts #29 Nicole Deveau
  • 4th 5 pts #26 Carrie Temple (Toronto)
  • 5th 3 pts #718 Rick Mikula
  • 6th 0 pts #93
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