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1995 East Cost Speedway Race Results

Central Ontario Speedway (Paris Fairgrounds) September 2 & 3, 1995

Division Two Championships September 2, 1995 2PM

A great summers day with a larger crowd than usual, thanks to the Paris Fair. Division Two riders gave a good show with lots of passing, and a small number of Division One riders rode some demo heats to show the crowd what to expect tomorrow.

  1. pts # 6 Nicolas Fafard (Quebec) (13 year old son of Guy Fafard )
  2. pts #69 Mark Engle (Mount Clements Michigan) (Applied Innovation, Scottie Brown & Bear Creek Speedway)
  3. pts #22 Dan Hortop (Cag One Skate Sharpening)
  4. pts #14 John Cooper
  5. pts #16 Jenni Muenser (Toronto) (Castrol Oil, Trackside Racing, Premier Health Club)
  6. pts # 7 Dan Altmayer (Tec Train Safety & Handling Instruction)
  7. pts #87 Bryan Marshal (Caledonia) (Bay King Motors, Body Smith Personal Training, Walker Sheet Metal)
  8. pts #100 Chris Temple (Bavarian Motorsports, Cylinder Head Supply)

Division One Championships September 3, 1995 6PM

Neighboring areas were hit with heavy rain, but Paris stayed dry for the best racing the track has seen. The Paris Fair added to our crowd, and the grandstands were overflowing. I had the best viewing spot, as I was first corner flagman. Kehoe had some rough going in the early heats and barely made it into the semi finals. The track had some rough spots, causing some minor crashes, but the speeds were close to the track record. Chris was back up to his old form, but sadly had to run his backup bike. Keep an eye on thirteen year old Nicolas Fafard (Quebec) , who was just moved up to Division One yesterday!

First Semi Final

  1. #32 John Kehoe
  2. #31Jeff Orosz
  3. #19 Andy Harris (Thorold)(former British League rider)(Castrol Oil, Champion Spark Plugs, Taz Racing, Nickerson Appliances, Special Thoughts, Team Jerc)
  4. #23 Guy Fafard

Second Semi Final

  1. # 1 Chris Hesmer
  2. #37 Gary Hesmer
  3. #57 Gaetan Carigan (Quebec)
  4. # 6 Nicolas Fafard (Quebec) (13 year old son of Guy Fafard, just moved up to Div 1 yesterday)


  1. #32 John Kehoe (Oakville) (new Track Champion, new Canadian National Champion, current Half-Mile Champion, Canadian Speedway Ice Champion)
  2. #31Jeff Orosz (Brantford) (Castrol Oil, Taz Racing, The Travis Family, Team Jerc)
  3. # 1 Chris Hesmer (Brantford) (Current High Points Champion) (Parker Bros., Culligan Water, Castrol Oil, Guelph Abate M.C., DTB Racing, Phantom Express, First Response Ambulance Service)
  4. #37 Gary Hesmer (new High Points Champion)(Parker Bros., Tucker Rocky, R.M. Motorsports, Malcolm Smith Racing, Shoei Helmets, Twin Dragon, Smith Sport Optics, The Monstre Shop)
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