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1996 C.C. Speedway - Quebec Race Results

August 24, 1996 C.C. Speedway - Quebec

By Kim Gregory

This was the second race this year to have visiting riders from Ontario, (see June 8, for the last race) and a fine summer evening without the bugs that were buzzing us at the June race. My wife and kids were with me for the first time at a race, so I missed getting details of the heats. Chris Hesmer looked to be the fastest on the track during the heats, but he was having problems with his new contact lenses, and a spark plug that wouldn't stay in. His uncle (and Gary Hesmer's father) , Jim Hesmer hit a bike on the track in division two, and was taken to hospital for a two night stay. The final was an incredibly close race won by Guy Fafard. All four riders crossed the finish within inches of each other. Second was Chris, followed by Gary Hesmer, and Nicolas Fafard.

We were told that a speedway rider from Quebec died on the night of the Canadian National, (July 27) at the half mile track at Three Rivers. He was out on the track (on a flat track bike ) by himself during practice when the accident occurred. We were all given black armbands to wear during the race, and we had a minute of silence for him at the start.

It took me a couple of heats to get my clutch working right after fixing the damage I did to it in the National. My first heat it did nothing but slip. The start of my second heat it kicked me off with a wheelie at the start. (the first time I've ever done that!) In my third heat, I was in second place on the third lap when the back end came around a little too far. The handlebars had been to full lock for about half of the corner, and I had already used up all the track between me and the pond on the infield. Luckily, the guy behind me knocked me down or I would have been swimming! My last two heats I managed a second and a third place.

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