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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway Race Results

May 3, 1996

From: Gary Roberts

  Classic Main                      Support Main
Coors Light 25 lap                    10 laps
 1. Brad Oxley                      1. Jason Daniels
 2. Eddie Castro                    2. Randy Skinner
 3. Jesse Finch                     3. Steve Donovan
 4. Andy Northrup                   4. Randy DiFrancesco
 5. Gary Hicks                      5. Bobby Campbell
 6. John Aden                       6. Larry Rowley
 7. Mark Hannah                     7. Jeremy O'Neil
 8. Steve Lucero                    8. Brian Thompson
 9. Don Odom                        9. Tony Wood
10. Shawn McConnell                10. Richard Jones
11. Gary Ackroyd
12. Doug Nicol

A good win for Brad Oxley in the gruelling 25 lapper, a real test of endurance. Eddie Castro lead for the first 23 laps, on a machine that sounded unlikely to survive a 4 lap race. (I am told he put a rod through the case the following night on the same machine). Oxley started from the 60 yard line with Gary Hicks and Steve Lucero and strategically worked his way through. Unlike most previous attempts in former years, this time the race did not stop, due to accidents, a credit to all riders. They all looked pretty knackered by the end! - Gary Roberts - dpteck.ix@netcom.com

Gary Roberts - groberts@iee.org


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