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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway
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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway

May 17, 1996 - Ocean Spray / Bruce Penhall Classic Costa Mesa Speedway
From: Gary Roberts

This was a championship format, with 20 riders competing. Top 5 went to the main, next 5 to the consolation. Points scored as follows:

Mike Faria      11
Bobby Schwartz  11
Shawn McConnell 11
Steve Lucero    11
Andy Northrup    8
Lance King       7
John Aden        7
Jake Zemke       7
Charlie Venegas  7
Gary Hicks       7
Paul Colston     5
Matt Becker      5
Steve Furman     3
Walt Farnum      3
Don Odom         3
Brian Pappalardo 2
Jerry Black      2
Ronny Kemp      2
Gary Ackroyd     2
David Taylor     1
Tony Wood (res)  4


1. Bobby Schwartz
2. Shawn McConnell
3. Steve Lucero
4. Andy Northrup
5. Mike Faria


1. John Aden
2. Lance King
3. Charlie Venegas
4. Gary Hicks
5. Jake Zemke

The format of the qualifying races was 12 heats, 5 riders per heat, so did not enable each rider to race against every other rider. Some had an easier route than others. In the main Mike Faria was disqualified for touching the tapes. From where I was sitting, it looked very much as if McConnell touched it first. Mike Faria was clearly unhappy with the decision, and so was the crowd. So on the rating that English race reports have recently included, the referees performance score would not have been high. My personal view is that he is the referee, you don't have to agree with him, but you must respect his decision. If a referee consistently makes wrong decisions, get another one. Until you do that, you must accept his decision. I have seen instances here of referees changing decisions to please the crowd. This does not uphold speedway as a gentlemen's sport.

Unluckiest rider was Paul Colston. After doing reasonably well in his first two heats, including a good win over Gary Hicks, he broke the crankcase of a new Jawa in his third heat.

Support Main

1. Mike Reed
2. Charlie Cooley
3. Randy Skinner
4. Craig DePhillippi
5. Ken Hansen

Support B

1. Tom Wetzel
2. Joshua O'Neal
3. David Enloe
4. Paul Binnquist
5. Sean Larned

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