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1996 Victorville Speedway

June 8, 1996 - Castro Does It Again Victorville Speedway

by Mike Maher

"Fast Eddie" Castro once again demonstrated why he has become the darling of the fans at Speedway USA as he put in another bravado performance to win the motorcycle scratch main event.

Castro took the lead on the start but a collision between Walt Farnum and Dustin Evans resulted in the two riders going down, and a red flag coming out. On the restart, Castro again took the lead, and this time pulled away with Evans eventually winning the fight for second over Farnum with Cory Rudolph finishing fourth.

In the handicap main, 15 year old ace Michael Hull came off the thirty yard line, dispatched Kon Baur and Aaron Nichols and went to take the victory with Walt Farnum winning the fight for second place over Castro, with Evans fourth, Nichols fifth and Baur ending his race in the wall.

On the sidecar scratch main event, the team of Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder ran away and hid but behind them a dandy battle was going on for second between Peter Lewis and Jamie Macy, Ian Stewart and Chris Chapman, and Joe Petrgalovic and John Abright. Petrgalovic and Abright eventually pulled out a slight lead over Stewart and Chapman, with Lewis and Jamie Macy falling slightly back, and the trio crossed the line in that order.

The sidecar handicap main featured controversy and confusion as Roger Loeffers and Arnold Fimbres took the lead with attempts to pass by Allen Hall and Mike Moreno, and Dwayne Carmont and Richard Tarling, ending sliding into the infield. Loeffers and Fimbres got the checkered flag, but were then disqualified for dangerous riding and the win was given to Petrgalovic and Abright, with Carmont and Tarling credited with second, Sturin Glass and Gary Beard third, Dennen and Leeder fourth, Hall and Moreno fifth, and Loeffers and Fimbres sixth.

The motorcycle support main was much less confusing as Rick Bishop lead from wire to wire to win over Terry McCurdy and Mike Boyle while Cory Rudolph and Paul Hitckcock crashed out. The junior classes saw "Flyin' Ryan" Fisher run away with first division over Galina Miller, "Ace" Donovan and Donny Robinson while Jesse Little took division two honours over T.J. Clark and Justin Boyle.

Speedway Scratch Main

  1. Eddie Castro
  2. Dustin Evans
  3. Walt Farnum
  4. Cory Rudolph

Speedway Handicap Main

  1. Michael Hull
  2. Walt Farnum
  3. Eddie Castro
  4. Dustin Evans
  5. Aaron Nichols
  6. Kon Baur

Speedway Support Class Main

  1. Rick Bishop
  2. Terry McCurdy
  3. Mike Boyle
  4. Corey Rudolph
  5. Paul Hitchcock

Junior Speedway Division 1

  1. Ryan Fisher
  2. Galina Miller
  3. Ace Donovan
  4. Donny Robinson

Junior Speedway Division 2

  1. Jesse Little
  2. T. J. Clark
  3. Justin Boyle
  4. John Childress

Sidecar Scratch Main

  1. Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder
  2. Joe Petrgalovic and John Abright
  3. Ian Stewart and Chris Chapman
  4. Peter Lewis and Jamie Macy

Sidecar Handicap Main

  1. Joe Petrgalovic and John Abright
  2. Duane Carmont and Richard Tarling
  3. Sturin Glass and Gary Beard
  4. Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder
  5. Allen Hall and Mike Moreno
  6. Roger Loeffers and Arnold Fimbres
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