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1996 Victorville Speedway

June 15, 1996 - Aden Scores a Double Victorville Speedway

by Mike Maher

John Aden pulled off a double play on Saturday night as he took victories in both the scratch and handicap motorcycle main events at Speedway USA.

Robbie Sauer took the early lead in the handicap main, but was soon passed by Michael Hull. But Aden and Eddie Castro were coming up from the back and soon swept past Hull along with Walt Farnum. As the lead trio came around to take the checkered flag, Castro's engine blew, and Farnum ended up with second place with Rick Pearce third, Hull Fourth, Castro fifth, and Brad and Robbie Sauer, sixth and seventh.

Aden took the lead off the start in the scratch main event, and lead all the way with Farnum and Castro, on the backup bike, battling over second. Farnum finally took the second place position over Castro and Pearce.

On the sidecar side of the program, the team of Roger Loeffers and Arnold Fimbres took the lead and managed to hold on with the rest of the pack close behind. Rob Virza and Brandon Kruse, eventually broke away to finish second, with Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder third, Alan Hall and Mike Moreno fourth, and Steve Morrow and Craig Maggin fifth. Bob Braydon and Parke Weaver had qualified for the main event, but in their scratch heat Weaver was injured when the rig of Don Horsley and Jeff Medberry hit the hay bales at the start/finish line and bounced into Waver, who suffered broken ribs in the incident, and is liable to be sidelined for a while.

In the support class main event, Bryan Thompson led from start to finish with Terry McCurdy second, Mike Boyle third, Aaron Nichol fourth, Rick Bishop fifth and Robbie Lee sixth. In the Junior speedway ranks, Patrick Donovan took first division, Galina Miller captured second division, and John Childress won third division.

Speedway Scratch Main

  1. John Aden
  2. Walt Farnum
  3. Eddie Castro
  4. Rick Pearce

Speedway Handicap Main

  1. John Aden
  2. Walt Farnum
  3. Rick Pearce
  4. Michael Hull
  5. Eddie Castro
  6. Brad Sauer
  7. Robbie Sauer

Speedway Support Class Main

  1. Bryan Thompson
  2. Terry McCurdy
  3. Mike Boyle
  4. Aaron Nichol
  5. Rick Bishop
  6. Robbie Lee

Sidecar Scratch Main

  1. Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder
  2. Ian Stewart and Chris Chapman
  3. Dirk Gardner and Doug Lynch
  4. Peter Lewis and Jamie Macy

Sidecar Handicap Main

  1. Roger Loeffers and Arnold Fimbres
  2. Rob Virza and Brandon Kruse
  3. Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder
  4. Allen Hall and Mike Moreno
  5. Steve Morrow and Craig Maggin
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