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1996 Perris Auto Speedway

June 19, 1996 - Perris Auto Speedway

From: Gary Roberts

Perris Auto Speedway. Racing was fast. The format was individual with no handicap, similar to Bakersfield a couple of weeks ago. 12 qualifying heats, 6 riders per heat, 24 riders, 3 rides each. Top six went to the main, next 6 to the consolation race. There was also a support class.

Bobby Schwartz had an off night, not up to his usual high standard. He made good starts, then fell behind, in nearly every race. Gary Hicks, who I understand won the previous event here was unlucky to have engine trouble in a qualifying heat, while leading, so only qualified for the consolation, which he easily won, after a good battle with Steve Furman, which ended when Furman's engine went dead.

The main was an excellent race. Steve Lucero lead until the last corner, when John Aden who had been pushing hard finally got through. John admitted running into him, but was a fair winner. He hopes to ride in England next year, and with showing on a quarter mile track looks very capable.

Qualifying scores were:

John Aden         15
Steve Lucero      14
Lance King        13
Jesse Finch       13
Doug Nicol        12
Eddie Castro      12
Andy Northrup     11
Don Odom          11
Jake Zemke        11
Steve Furman       9
Bobby Schwartz     9
Gary Hicks         9
Brad Oxley         7
Shawn McConnell    7
Paul Colston       5
Jerry Black        5
Walt Farnum        5
Greg Ayers         4
Rick Pearce        3
George Fox         2
Ronny Kemp         2
Randy Di Francesco 1
Steve Donovan      0
David Lynch        0

1. John Aden
2. Steve Lucero
3. Lance King
4. Eddie Castro
5. Jesse Finch
6. Doug Nicol

1. Gary Hicks
2. Don Odom
3. Andy Northrup
4. Steve Furman
5. Jake Zemke
6. Bobby Schwartz

Support Main:
1. Richard Proger
2. Jeremy O'Neil
3. Charlie Cooley
4. Mike McCarthy
5. John DeVries
6. Craig Furman

Gary is planning to travel and watch some Speedway in England and Canada next month, and will not be sending reports from Lake Perris, can anyone out there do it in his place? - (Editor)

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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