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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway

June 21, 1996 Costa Mesa Speedway
From: Gary Roberts

Scratch Main:

1. Brad Oxley
2. Shawn McConnell
3. Robert Pfetzing
4. Andy Northrup
5. Bobby Schwartz

Handicap Main:

1. Eddie Castro
2. Bobby Schwartz
3. Roberts Pfetzing
4. Shawn McConnell
5. Brad Oxley
6. Andy Northrup
7. Steve Lucero
8. Jake Zemke

Support Main:

1. Kon Baur
2. John DeVries
3. Larry Rowley
4. Danny Holt
5. Brian Thompson
6. Bill Green

Similar to the previous week. The track started the evening in good shape and got slicker as the evening went on, so when the final race, the handicap main started there was not a hint of dirt left. Result, Eddie Castro started 10 yards ahead and that's where he finished. I understand the comment that our contributor from Poland made about the track being dragged in vain. I witnessed the same thing. John Aden, winner of the Lake Perris meeting 2 days earlier had a bad evening. Mechanical failure made him a non-starter in his scratch heat and he lacked power in his handicap semi-final. Some of the best races were in the support class. Kon Baur, who has improved a lot this season had a well deserved win in the scratch main. He is one of the few who has been riding at Victorville and the additional practice looks like its paying off. John DeVries, showed again that staying on the pole and minimizing mistakes results in more success on a small track than speed.

Gary is planning to travel and watch some Speedway in England and Canada next month, and will not be sending reports from Costa Mesa, can anyone out there do it in his place? - (Editor)

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