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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway

June 28, 1996 - Legends of Speedway Night Costa Mesa Speedway
From: Tom Simrak

Although not a lot of top legends raced, it was still fun. race 1. The wizard of balance... Kelly Moran vs Lance King. Kelly had one of the strangest get offs I've seen in a while! Lance King wins. Race 2. Dubb Ferrell beats Keith Crisco 2-1. Race 3. Sunny Nutter beats Robert Pfetzing 2-1. Race 4. Danny "berserko" Becker vs Steve Lucero. Danny's bike breaks. Lucero wins.

Handicap Semi 1:  
1st Jesse Finch 
2nd Shawn "mad dog" McConnell 
3rd Robert "the gator" Pfetzing 
4th Jake Zemke 
5th Gary Hicks DNS on restart 
6th Jerry " I have the prettiest crew" Black. Broken motor.  

Handicap Semi 2  
1st Donny "too Tall" Odom. 
2nd Steve "bad boy" Lucero 
3rd RAD Brad Oxley 
4th Andy  "the enforcer" Northrup 
  first 4 in each transferred to the handicap main.

Scratch Semi 1
1st Lance King
2nd John Aden
3rd Jesse Finch
4th Gary Hicks (Broken chain)

Scratch Semi 2
1st Steve Lucero
2nd Brad Oxley
3rd Andy Northrup
4th Robert Pfetzing
  1st two in each to main
  2nd two to last chance race.

The last chance race. In what was the worst display of officiating I've seen in a long time, Gary Hicks is ruled the winner. In the first go, Northrup goes down in turn one. As the rest of the field comes around the second time Northrup is still on the track. The first two riders crash into each other avoiding Northrup. then we see a red flag! On the restart Hicks and Finch are going at it bar to bar. In turn two lap 4, Hicks pinches Finch on the pole. Finch holds position into turn three. This forces Hick to go wide and crash. The ref DQS Finch and gives the win to Hicks. Bad Call.

Scratch Main:  
1st Steve Lucero 
2nd Lance King 
3rd Brad Oxley 
4th Gary Hicks (another broken chain) 
5th John Aden DQ hit starting tapes.  

Handicap Main:  
1st Jesse Finch 
2nd Steve Lucero 
3rd Don Odom 
4th Shawn McConnell 
5th Brad Oxley 
6th Jake Zemke 
7th Andy Northrup 
8th Robert Pfetzing  

Support Main:  
1st Kon Bauer 
2nd Randy DiFrancesco 
3rd Tom Wetzel 
4th Rick Pearce 
5th Tom Norris

The next race will be July 12th The Fair Derby.

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