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July 4, 1996 - Lewis and Macy Win Firecracker Derby Victorville Speedway

by Mike Maher

The standing room only crowd that packed into Speedway USA for the July 4 "Firecracker Derby" got what they came for, fireworks on and off the track. The team of Peter Lewis and Jamie Macy took the title after a hard fought night of racing came down to the final event of the night.

The championship format event, featuring five rounds of four, four lap four rig heat races with points awarded 3-2-1-0, saw Lewis and Macy dominate early on as they won each of their first four heat races. But behind them a battle was raging for the chance to challenge for the win, that claimed a number of casualties along the way, most notably Richard Tarling. He was sent to hospital with an injured hand after the rig of he and Duane Carmont collided with Dave and Ray Stephens. Carmont continued the night with Duane King ( part of the current national championship team along with Dean Steele ), substituting as his swinger.

In the handicap main Aden and "Fast Eddie" Castro came off the back yard lines and sliced through the field to emerge 1 - 2 at the front of the pack. It appeared that they would finish that way but then Castro's bike pulled up lame and Aden went on to win unchallenged over Dustin Evans and Michael Hull.

Going into the final round Lewis and Macy had a perfect 12 points, while Steele and King and Dirk Gardner and Doug Lynch were nipping at their heels. The three would meet in the final heat of the night along with Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder, who had 8 points and an outside shot at least a tie for the lead.

Lewis and Macy got the jump on the start, but Gardner and Lynch were not giving up without a fight, and the two raced side-by-side for the first three laps until a slight bobble allows Lewis and Macy to pull ahead to take the victory and the title with a perfect 15 points. Gardner and Lynch took second in the race and the event with 13 points, while Steele and King ended up with third and 11 points.

The best single race of the night was the speedway motorcycle main event. "Fast Eddie" Castro and John Aden started on the 90 yard line, but Castro blasted through the field, making incredible outside passes to emerge in the lead. Aden made more subtle moves and took over second place, but was unable to catch the flying Castro. Next were: Walt Farnum, Michael Hull, Kon Baur, Rick Pierce, Aaron Nichols and Robbie Saur.

Bryan Thompson took the early lead in the support class main event and appeared to be headed for victory, but then he slid wide and Josh May squeaked through to take the win.

Ryan Fisher, Galina Miller and Jon Childress took first second and third division junior titles respectively.

Speedway Handicap Main

  1. Eddie Castro
  2. John Aden
  3. Walt Farnum
  4. Michael Hull
  5. Kon Baur
  6. Rick Pearce
  7. Aaron Nichols
  8. Robbie Sauer

Speedway Support Class Main

  1. Josh May
  2. Bryan Thompson
  3. Rick Selp
  4. Terry McCurdy
  5. Mike Boyle
  6. Robbie Lee
  7. Corey Rudolph

Sidecar Scratch Main

  1. Peter Lewis and Jamie Macy 15 points
  2. Dirk Gardner and Doug Lynch 13 points
  3. Dean Steele and Dwayne King 11 points
  4. Ian Stewart and Chris Chapman 11 points
  5. Clyde Dennen and Dale Leeder 11 points
  6. Josef Petrgalovic and John Abright 9 points
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