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1996 Paso Robles Speedway
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1996 Paso Robles Speedway

July 6, 1996 - Paso Robles Speedway

From: Gary Roberts

Paso Robles Speedway was a one night event in a horse rodeo stadium. The track looked OK to start with, although was somewhat egg shaped, but deteriorated as the evening went on to a deeply rutted hard clay. All but the bravest of riders were 2 wheeling into the corners, some not getting it sideways at all. Paso Robles is around 230 miles north of LA, so was a long drive.

Scratch Main:
1. Bobby Schwartz
2. Phil Collins
3. Steve Lucero
4. Gary Ackroyd
5. Gary Hicks

Handicap Main:
1. John Aden
2. Andy Northrup
3. Jesse Finch
4. Shawn McConnell
5. Robert Pfetzing
6. Bobby Schwartz
7. Phil Collins
8. Gary Ackroyd

Support Main:
1. Kon Baur
2. Doug Grayson
3. Bryan Thompson
4. John O'Neil
5. Bill Green
6. David Lynch

It was great to see Phil Collins ride again. It was the first time he had ridden since the Paso Robles event 2 years before and he demonstrated no loss of his former skills. With the difficult track surface conditions many riders were making mistakes and Phil recovered from bad starts, picking his way through from the back. He was up to third in the Handicap race when he had to lay it down coming out too fast from the sharper corner of the egg.

Phil is working in a consultative capacity with the promoters of the new Santa Maria Speedway which opens this Saturday. Santa Maria is 205 miles north of LA (247 miles from Costa Mesa). I understand several of the top riders have signed up to ride. Phil is also trying to promote local talent and is again riding himself on the opening night.

For anyone who is thinking of going, its not at the Santa Maria midget car track one sees from the 101, its a brand new facility at the Santa Maria Fairgrounds. Phil is hoping to model it on the old Ascot track. (That seemed to suit him well). I fear I may miss the opening night. I went on up to Sequoia after Paso Robles and the transmission in my truck expired coming back.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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