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1996 Costa Mesa Speedway

July 12, 1996 - THE FAIR DERBY Costa Mesa Speedway
From: Tom Simrak

The Orange County Fair rolled into town this week. with it comes one of the biggest races of the year in Southern California.

Handicap Semi 1:  
1st Andy Northrup 
2nd Brad Oxley 
3rd Jesse Finch 
4th Shawn McConnell 
5th Thru 8th, I didn't get 

Handicap Semi 2  
1st "fast" Eddie Castro
2nd Jason Daniels
3rd Steve Lucero
4th Gary Ackroyd
again I didn't get 5th thru 8th

Handicap main.
1st Brad Oxley form the sixty yard line
2nd Eddie Castro from the 80 after penalties
3rd Jesse Finch from the 50
4th Andy Northrup from the 40
5th Jason Daniels from the 10
6th Steve Lucero from the 50(was leading when his motor went south...big time)
7th Shawn McConnell from the 40 (crashed)
8th Gary Ackroyd (DNS on restart)

Scratch Heat 1 
1st John "iceman" Aden. 3pts
2nd Shawn McConnell     2pts
3rd Paul Colston        1pt
4th Eddie Castro   dq   0pts

Heat 2
1st Brad Oxley          3pts
2nd Donnie Odom         2pts
3rd Jake Zemke          1pt
4th Gary Ackroyd        0pts

Heat 3
1st Gary hicks        3pts
2nd Andy Northrup     2pts
3rd Robert Pfetzing   1pt
4th Ronny Kemp       0

Heat 4
1st Bobby Schwartz    3pts
2nd Jesse Finch       2pts
3rd Steve Donovan     1pt
4th Steve Furman      0 

Heat 5
Schwartz   3pts
Jake Zemke 2pts
Northrup   1pt
McConnell  0

Heat 6
Oxley    3pts
Aden     2pts
Finch    1pt
Fox      0

Heat 7
Odom     3pts
Hicks    2pts
Castro   1pt
Furman   0

Heat 8
Pfetzing  3pts
Lucero    2pts
Colston   1pt
Donovan   0

3-way runoff for the last two spots in the semi's
Zemke 2pts
Northrup 1pt
Finch dq

Scratch Semi 1
first 2 to main 2nd two to last chance
Hicks   3pts
Oxley   2pts
Odom    1pt
Zemke   0

Scratch semi 2
Schwartz  3 pts
Aden      2pts
Northrup  1pt
Pfetzing  0

Last chance race
Pfetzing  1pt
Zemke     0
Northrup  0
Odom      0

Scratch Main.

This race was won at the tapes. 
Probably the best gate you could have ever seen.
1st Robert"THE GATOR" Pfetzing  
2nd Brad Oxley
3rd Bobby Schwartz
4th John Aden
5th Gary Hicks

Next race: Aug 2nd
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