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1996 Fairground Raceway
Santa Maria, California

September 21, 1996 - Santa Maria Speedway

From: Gary Roberts

A second very well put together show at the Fairground Raceway, the official name now for what I have earlier referred to as Santa Maria Speedway. At the risk of sounding over pedantic here, there could be confusion. Santa Maria Speedway is actually the name of the race car track up the road in Santa Maria. Fairgrounds Raceway started up last week under the new management of David Chan using the premises that were established by the former management, who I believe were called Central California Speedway.

The show was again great fun, some fantastic second division racing and a couple of first division match races. Format was the same as last week, all scratch racing, no handicap, with super competitive racing. The show started at 7:15 and was finished by 9:30.

At the start of the final heat, Pearce, Baur and Hansen were all unbeaten and came together with Erin Larsen, the only lady in the field. Rick Pearce won, this close race and the same 3 finished in the same order in the A final.

Results as follows:

Randy DiFrancesco  15
Rick Pearce        13
Bobby Campbell     12
Brian Birch        11
Terry McCurdy      10
Kenny Hansen       10
Bill Green          8
John Edwards        8
Sean Larned         8
Rudy Maresca        8
Gerry Duttweiler    5
Erin Larsen         4
Jim Mustain         3
Jeff Smith          2
Marvin Sonnier      2
Allen Wright        1
John VanderMuelen   0 (reserve)

A final:
DiFrancesca, Pearce, Birch, Hansen, Campbell

B final:
Hansen, McCurdy, Green, Larned, Edwards

C final:
Larned, Dutweiler, VanderMuelen, Larsen, Maresca

D final:
VanderMuelen, Sonnier, Mustain, Smith

First Divisions Match races:
Each pair had 3 two lap races, all of which were VERY close.
Phil Collins 2 John Aden 1
Eddie Castro 2 Jim Estes 1

Phil keeps telling us he has definitely retired, but he certainly looks very fast. He rode a Jawa borrowed from John Edwards. John, who surprised a few last week with some good races and a score of 12 blamed his score of 8 last night on stiffer competition. Phil showed his appreciation for the loan of John's bike by letting the cat out of the bag and telling the crowd that John was 60 this year! At least twice the age of most of his competitors.

The facility is closed next week because of the US National at Costa Mesa, but reopens on October 5. The only disappointment last night was the size of the crowd. Anyone in the area with even a remote interest, come along and support this new enterprise on October 5. You wont be disappointed.

Interesting rumour heard last night was that Billy Hamill will not be coming over for the National and that his place will be taken by Eddie Castro. Whilst being a disappointment to the spectators, it would make life easier for favourites, Steve Lucero, Bobby Schwartz, Greg Hancock and Mike Faria. Lucero's chances took another step up on Friday, when he became California State Champion again.

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