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1996 Fairground Raceway
Santa Maria, California

October 5, 1996 - Santa Maria Speedway

From: Gary Roberts

Another well run show at Santa Maria, which finished at 9.45. The show included 4 go-cart races and a demonstration flat track race, more about that later. The speedway is attracting a more competitive field each week. This week's scores were as follows:

The show was again great fun, some fantastic second division racing and a couple of first division match races. Format was the same as last week, all scratch racing, no handicap, with super competitive racing. The show started at 7:15 and was finished by 9:30.

At the start of the final heat, Pearce, Baur and Hansen were all unbeaten and came together with Erin Larsen, the only lady in the field. Rick Pearce won, this close race and the same 3 finished in the same order in the A final.

Results as follows:

Rick Pearce       15
Randy DiFrancesco 13
Paul Binnquist    11
Brian Thompson    11 reserve, 4 rides
Bill Green        10
Kon Baur           9
Kenny Hansen       9 4 rides
Gerry Duttweiler   8
Marvin Sonnier     7
Scott Scarboro     6 reserve 3 rides
Rudy Maresca       6
Erin Larsen        4
Sean Larned        4
John VanderMuellen 2
Alan Wright        1 2 rides
Micheal Storms     1 reserve 1 ride
John Edwards       0 2 rides
Brian Burch        0 2 rides
Jeff Smith         0 3 rides
Billy Lyons        0 reserve 3 rides

A final
Binnquist, DiFrancesco, Pearce, Baur, Thompson
B final 
Baur, Larned, Green, Storms (for Hansen), Duttweiler
C final
Larned, Maresca, Sonnier, Larsen, Scarboro
D final
Larned, VanderMuellen, Smith, Lyons
Match race:
Phil Collins 2
Eddie Castro 1

I cant guarantee the accuracy of some of these numbers. Its a bit difficult being a conscientious flag marshal and keeping a program at the same time!

The track was very slippery to start with, particularly on the first corner. It became more even as the evening went on, although several ruts developed in it. The first race had only one finisher, due mainly to the slippery first corner.

Sean Larned had a disappointing points score, but went on to win the D final, then the C final and had a good try in the B final. Rick Pearce, the highest points scorer, was favorite to win, but got a bad start in the A final, from which he was unable to recover.

A demonstration flat track race was held, which included Phil Collins, for the first time in his life, riding a TT500 Yamaha. His competitors included a couple of beautifully prepared 650 Triumphs. Phil finished a very respectable third in the field of six.

The crowd was again a bit disappointing. It is hoped that next weeks event will be better attended, as the local car racing track held its last event for the season, last night. Next weeks event is a Ladies Night, sponsored by Sunny Country 102 radio station.

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