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1996 Fairground Raceway
Santa Maria, California

October 12, 1996 - Santa Maria Speedway

From: Gary Roberts

Another good evening of racing at Santa Maria. Results as follows:

Randy DiFrancesco 15
Rick Pearce       14
Paul Binnquist    12
Brian Burch       10
Bill Green         9
Kenny Hansen       9
Kon Baur           8
Brian Thompson     7
Billy Lyons        7
Gerry Duttweiler   7
Sean Larned        6 4 rides
Erin Larsen        4
John VanderMuellen 3 3 rides
Jeff Smith         3
Marvin Sonnier     2
Michael Storms     2 reserve, 2 rides
Tim Appel          1 reserve, 2 rides
Allan Wright       0 4 rides

D final:
Sonnier. Storms and Smith DNF.

C final:
Lyons, Duttweiler, Larsen, Sonnier, VanderMuellen was a non-starter.

B final:
Baur, Hansen, Thompson, Green. Lyons was a non-starter.

A final:
Pearce, DiFrancesco, Binnquist, Baur, Burch.

There were several very close races. Visible improvements were noted by many of the riders who began racing in the last 2 months. To help with this process, Phil Collins held a training session at the track on the Sunday. The crowd was again slightly up on last week, but there are still plenty of empty seats.

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