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1996 Fairground Raceway
Santa Maria, California

October 19, 1996 - Santa Maria Speedway

From: Gary Roberts

This week I was promoted (?) to referee, which made it much easier keeping a program. Results are as follows:

Rick Pearce       15
Randy DiFrancesco 14
Kenny Hansen      12
Brian Burth       11
Kon Baur          11
Brian Thompson    9
Bobby Campbell    9
Bill Green        8
Rudi Maresca      8
Tim Appel         5
Bill Lyons        4
Gerry Duttweiler  4
Marvin Sonnier    3
John VanderMuelen 2 2 rides
Jeff Smith        1
Allan Wright      1 4 rides
Scott Scarborogh  2 reserve 3 rides
John Edwards      1 reserve 1 ride

A final:
DiFrancesco, Baur, Hansen, Burch, Pearce

B final:
Baur, Green, Campbell, Thompson, Lyons

C final:
Lyons, Appel, Duttweiler, Maresca, Edwards (non-starter)

D: final:
Edwards, Sonnier, Scarboro, Smith

Lots of good races, plenty of overtaking. The track was in good shape and apart from a couple of unpopular referee's decisions and the subsequent fist-fight in the crowd, everything went pretty much to plan.

John VanderMuelen took an awkward tumble and a trip to hospital for an X-ray. His diagnosed separated shoulder did not stop him showing up in the pub later.

This was the penultimate in the Photo-Ad Easy-Ad sponsored series. Final round is next Saturday, which is the last race night in the 1996 season.

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