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1997 Dixon Speedway
Dixon, California

August 2, 1997 - Track Championship
Dixon Speedway
From: Gary Roberts

On August 2, the Dixon track season ended for the year. Bart Bast rode impeccably to score a 15 points maximum.

Bart Bast        15
Bob Hicks        14
Jimmy Sisemore   12
Billy Janniro    12
Chad Felicio      9
Robert Curry      9
Pat Linn          9
Kelly Bennett     8
Dave Faria        6
Jimmy Martinez    4
Rick Shafer       3
Steve Martynse    3

Bob Hicks rode well, but was not a match for Bast. Unfortunately Bobby Hedden suffered chest injuries the night before so was missing. Dave Faria lost points through two tape infringement disqualifications. Young Billy Janniro looked incredibly fast on the less than perfect track. It was less patchy than the previous week but still developed a few ruts.

Even more impressive than Bart Bast’s riding was his suggestion during the riders pre-event meeting, that the prize money be reduced by 25% to offset some of promoter’s losses. This track only opened earlier this season and the crowd, whilst still growing, is not yet at the stage where incomings equals outgoings. None of the other riders questioned Bart’s suggestion and the promoter graciously accepted their offer. This is the kind of gesture that will keep California Speedway alive.

Second and third division events were also staged. There was also another third division race for riders who just showed up and weren’t on the program. Again won by Wade Boyd, who nearly lapped the forth place man in his qualifying heat. In the "others" main race, second place man Danny Chipman showed no respect for his elders by keeping his father Don in third place.


Second Division Main:
1.  Bill Newby
2.  Scott Olney
3.  Tom Adams
4.  Matt King

Third Division Main
1.  Phil Bast
2.  Steve Belluzzi
3.  Mike Gildersleve
4.  Bob Peters

"Other" Third Division Main
1.  Wade Boyd
2.  Danny Chipman
3.  Don Chipman
4.  Dick Vargas

Junior Div 1
1.  Chris Kerr
2.  Bryan Yarrow
3.  Martynse Jnr.
4.  Eric Carillo
5.  Luke Bennett

Junior Div 2
1.  Jonathon Curry
2.  AJ Jones
3.  Anthony Martinez
4.  Scott Hawley
5.  Josh Newby
6.  Rachael Kerr

Next Saturday Speedway returns to Santa Maria, and with the Dixon season over, several of the Northern California riders have signed up to ride down there. Lets hope the fresh blood livens it up!

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