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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, CA

June 20, 1997 - Fast Fridays, Auburn
From: RC Jones

Wow, nothing like 8 or 12 speedway riders on the track at the same time. A little tight in the corners but two abreast racing for more than one lap was well worth the admission. Yes it was the monster 25 lap handicap race that everyone was waiting for. As most of the riders transferred to the eight rider semi's and 12 riders went to the 25 lap main event the early heats passed quickly.

The semi's were only 6 laps (I think, seemed longer with 8 bikes on the track). It was a matter of not falling off to get to the main event. The high yardage riders provide a great deal of entertainment of passing all of the lower yardage starters during the race.

When it was time for the 25 Lap race, I then realized that all riders had their handicap yardage doubled for this race. The high yarder riders had their work cut out for them. Bobby Hedden, Bart Bast, Jim Sisemore, and Bob Hicks were starting a full half lap behind the starting gate making it over a 100 yard handicap. With 8 riders starting in front of them I did not think that any of these riders would be able to win. Trying to keep score was an exercise that was interesting to say the least. Fortunately Chad Felicio's wife was kind enough to help me sort it all out. Chad was last years winner and hoped to repeat, but was run into by another rider ending his run early.

When the tapes went up, well what a sight, 12 bikes crammed into the tight corners of Auburn's track. For the first few laps Ken Wagner led Travis MacDonald and Matt Becker. The rest looked as if caution early was a good idea. After a few laps Matt Becker took the lead and starting to make some breathing room behind him. Meanwhile Bobby Hedden was leading the charge through the pack. When Pat Linn and David Faria fell and remounted about lap 4 it became difficult to follow everyone.

Riders were strung out by lap 10 to all over the track. I know that late in the race Ken Wagner, Travis MacDonald and Matt Becker were being passed by Bobby Hedden and Bob Hicks, Jim Sisemore and Bart Bast were looking to take over leading. Then in the last two or three laps riders disappeared. Engines quit along with the riders. Bobby Hedden took the lead and when the white flag went out Travis MacDonald and Matt Becker fell letting Bob Hicks, Bart Bast and Jim Sisemore to follow the winner Bobby Hedden to the checkered.

It was interesting to note that Bart Bast and Jim Sisemore parked their laydowns and went with the upright. Bart used a GM in a real old frame, and the engine was not even hot after the race. I really enjoyed the 8 rider semi-finals and would like to see more of them but for 8 laps. Along with that a 10 rider 10 lap main would be an exciting race. The 12 riders 25 lap main event is a great once a year event.

Those looking for Louis Kossuth could not find him, he took the night off to get married. The attendance was 1200-1500 on a beautiful night in the foothills.

      Handicap Heats
      Heat 1                      Heat 2
      1. Jim Sisemore 50 yards    1.  Bobby Hedden 50 yards
      2. Pat Linn 40 yards        2.  Chad Felicio 30 yards
      3. Rick Shafer 0 yards      3.  Steve Martynse 10 yards
      4. Jimmy Martinez 20 yards  4.  Harlan Bast Jr 30 yards
      5. Vance Felicio 20 yards

      Heat 3                     Heat 4
      1.  David Faria 30 yards   1.  Travis MacDonald 20 yards
      2.  Billy Janniro 30 yards 2.  Bob Hicks 50 yards
      3.  Frank Crane 0 yards    3.  Matt Becker 30 yards
      4.  Bart Bast 50 yards     4.  Ken Wagner 0 yards
      5.  Kelly Bennett 30 yards

      Handicap Semifinals
      8 riders - 6 laps
      Semi 1                       Semi 2
      1.  Bobby Hedden 50 yards    1.  David Faria 30 yards
      2.  Jim Sisemore 50 yards    2.  Travis MacDonald 20 yards
      3.  Pat Linn 40 yards        3.  Ken Wagner 0 yards
      4.  Jimmy Martinez 20 yards  4.  Bob Hicks 50 yards
      5.  Chad Felicio 30 yards    5.  Matt Becker 30 yards
      6.  Halarm Bast Jr 30 yards  6.  Bart Bast 50 yards

      Handicap Main Event
      12 riders - 25 laps
      1.  Bobby Hedden
      2.  Bob Hicks
      3.  Jim Sisemore
      4.  Bart Bast
      The rest ?????? every where.

      Scratch Races
      Heat 1              Heat 2
      1. Bob Hicks        1.  Bart Bast
      2. Travis MacDonald 2. Pat Linn
      3. Ken Wagner       3.  Harlan Bast Jr.
                          4. Jimmy Martinez
      Heat 3             Heat 4
      1. Bobby Hedden    1.  Jim Sisemore
      2. David Faria     2.  Matt Becker
      3. Chad Felicio    3.  Kelly Bennett
      4. Steve Martynse  4.  Vance Felicio

      Scratch Semi Finals
      Semi 1                     Semi 2
      1.  Bart Bast (4)          1. Jim Sisemore (2)
      2.  David Faria (2)        2.  Bobby Hedden (P)
      3.  Bob Hicks (P)          3. Pat Linn (3)
      4.  Matt Becker (3) fell   4.  Travis MacDonald (4)

      Scratch Consolation        Scratch Main
      1.  Bob Hicks              1.  Jim Sisemore (2)
      2.  Matt Becker            2.  Bobby Hedden (4)
      3.  Travis MacDonald       3.  Bart Bast (P)
      4.  Pat Linn               4.  David Faria (3)

      Division II Consolation    Division II Main Event
      1.  John Gregg             1.  Not sure if 383 or 338
      2.  David Booth            2.  Shawn Eldridge
      3.  Bill Thomas            3.  Kim Darwazwzeh
      4.  Jeremy Martinez        4.  Harlan Bast Sr.
      5.  Doug Mignano           5.  Matt King
      6.  Scott Olney

      Division III Consolation   Division III Main Event
      1.  Bob Peters             1.  Derk Silva
      2.  Rich Mignano           2.  Glenn Scott
      3.  Billy Dixon            3.  Mike Gildersleeve
      4.  Joe Whiting

      Juniors Main II    Juniors Main I
      1.  Eric Carrillo  1.  103
      2.  Rachael Kerr   2.  Luke Bennett
      3.  AJ Jones       3.  Brenton Bast
      4.  Ray Linn
      5.  Brenton Bast

      Championship Points Standings After June 14, 1997
      (prior to tonight)

      1.  Bobby Hedden   731
      2.  Bart Bast      641
      3.  Louis Kossuth  629
      4.  David Faria    412
      5.  Pat Linn       409
      6.  Bob Hicks      391
      7.  Kelly Bennett  325
      8.  Robert Curry   324.5
      9.  Chad Felicio   320
      10. Jim Sisemore   279
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