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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

June 14, 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher

The track last night was perfect, smooth as glass, lots of grip!!

Division 1 Main Event
#1 Scott Orminston   (WL)
#2 Kenny(the King) Piper  (GODDEN)
#3 Dave Piper  (JAWA 895)
#4 Jay (Do or Die) Gruetzmacher  (WL)
#5 (Cowboy) Rob Ball  (GM)
#6 (Thumbs up) Chuck Johanson  (WL)

Division 1 Consolation
#1 Bouncin' Bobby Richards  (JAWA 898)
#2 Dancin' Gene Petz (Jawa 884.5)
#3 Allen Williams  (GM)

Division 2 Main Event
#1 Conn Harris  (WL)
#2 Kamsey(the Lady) Nesshoefer (WL)
#3 Dave Storie

NOTE: Pat Litt has a knee injury at work, will be out about 4 weeks. Don Foster has a knee injury from practice last weekend, should be back next week. Dancin Gene Petz got a new laydown Jawa and is having a little trouble getting ajusted, but will be blazing soon!!

Bobby Richard is back for the first time since the bad crash on the out door ice, his ankle is still not good. He was unable to put the left foot down, and still put on a hell of a race!

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