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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

June 21 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher

Race night was really good for us, fast racing, but I went wide in the first lap of the main and blew the race from there.

Division 1 Main Event
#1 Kenny (the king) Pieper (Godden)
#2 (Cowboy) Rob Ball (GM)
#3 Dave Pieper (WL)
#4 (Thumbs up) Chuck Johansen(JAWA)
#5 Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher (WL)
#6 (bouncin) Bobby Richards (JAWA 898)
D-1 consolation
#1 Allen Willaims (GM)
#2 (Jammin) Cam Brooks (GM)
#3 (Dancin) Gene Petz (Jawa 884.5) D-2 main event
#1 Cal Harrington (JAWA 898)
#2 Conn Harris (WL)
#3 Dave Story (JAWA 894)
#4 Kamsey Nesshoefer (WL)

Chuck is here and would like to say a few words.

Hi Kim, thanks for the web sight. This sport has needed something like this to help bring riders together. We have been experiencing a increase in riders, a few are coming back out from retirement . They would ride enduros or race cars but they would make coments that their 600 hp cars couldn't pull out of the turn like their speedway bikes! - thanks Chuck Johansen

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