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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

June 28 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher

It is hotter than hell here. It seems that I have been getting some of the nick names confused. I will no longer put them in unless I know they are right!

Division 1 Main Event
#1 (The King) Kenny Pieper (Godden)
#2 Dave Pieper (WL)
#3 (Dancin) Gene Petz (884.5 Jawa)
#4 (Thumbs Up) Chuck Johansen (WL)
DNF Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher (crash) (WL)
DNF Don (the target)Foster (crash) (WL)

Division 1 Consolation
#1 (Bouncin) Bobby Richards (898 Jawa)
#2 Allen Williams (GM)
DNF Rob Ball (GM) (crash)

Division 2 Main Event
#1 Conn Harris (WL)
#2 Cal Harrington (898 Jawa)
#3 Joe (WL) Last name unknown
#4 Chad Mann (WL)

Note: Don and myself had a bad night, but in the crashes no one got hurt.
Rob Ball backed in to the wall pretty hard and he came out well. Chad Mann is a new racer, bought Bucky's MK5 Weslake and leathers. We have been giving him all the help we can, and he is not doing to bad. The track has finally noticed this page and the amount of work we put in to it. They also will be giving me some help with results, and then I will get our handicap races in the result in as well. I have been doing this all by memory, lucky I dont get more things wrong.

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