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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

July 12, 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher

I had one hell of a crash tonight, hit the wall at a high rate of speed, in the first heat, bike is all bent up! My knee is the size of a basketball. It is possible I could be out for a while. Results are as follows:

Division 1 Main Event

#1 David Pieper (Jawa)
#2 (Thumbs Up) Chuck Johansen (GM)
#3 Conn Harris (WL)
#4 Bobby Richards (898 Jawa)
#5 Don (the target) Foster (WL)
DNF Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher (crash) (WL)

Division 2 Main Event

#1 Tom(texas ranger)Kern (Godden)
#2 Calvin Harrington (Jawa)
#3 Kamesy Nesshofer (GM)
#4 David Storie (Jawa)
#5 Chad Mann (WL)
#6 Mike Rohr (Jawa)

NOTE: Tom Kern moved to Colorado from Texas for the racing, he says in order to go faster you must ride with faster riders! Mike Rohr is a new rider. Just got a 898 that Bill Litt found for him. He also rode very well for his first race. David Storie rode extremely well in the first two heats. We where all looking for him to win the Division 2 Main, but a tire change threw him off his pace "HE NEVER RAN WITH A GOOD TIRE"

I hope to be back for the next race, but right now it is not looking good.
I will be fine see ya, Jay (SPEEDWAY KICKS ASS)

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