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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

July 19, 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher

I did race Sat.night and I am paying for it now, I HURT!!!

I am going to take the next race off just to heal. We have a old California rider out here that does a speedway class once in a while, and I crashed again at the class.

Chad Mann got some real good speed going in the class and I expect him to be a top rider next year. The man that does the class is Jeff Jones, and he says what makes Chad so easy to teach is the fact he has not been on a motorcycle in over 10 years, so he doesn't have any bad habits to fall back on. You tell him to do something on the track and he does it. Don and I learned a lot about gating. Jeff told me to quit riding hurt and take a week off and heal, so I am because I had a bad night riding hurt!

Ron Grace (new rider) and Joe (don't use my last name) went down, DNF. We will be racing a new track in August, small, deep, and DG on Sundays, also being set up by Jeff Jones, and will be AMA santioned.

Results :

Division 1 Main
#1 Kenny (the king) Pieper (GODDEN)
#2 (Jammin) Cam Brooks (GM)
#3 (Dancin) Gene Petz (JAWA)
#4 Rob Ball (GM)
#5 Tom Kern (GODDEN)

Division 1 Consolation
#1 Rob Ball (GM) move to main after win
#2 David Pieper (WL)
#3 Allen Willaims (GM)
#4 Don (the target) Foster (WL)
#5 Jay (do or die) Gruetzmacher (WL)

Division 2 Main
#1 Chad Mann (WL)
#2 David Story (JAWA)

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