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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

July 26, 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

"I work out at IMI and Jay has offered to let me send you the results from the races. Thanks for giving us the venue to show off our riders. They are a wonderful group of people. Not only are they great racers, but they are fun and take care of each other. My life has definitely gotten better getting to know Speedway."

What an incredible night!

Jammin' Cam Brooks took first in the D-1 Main for the first time in about ten years. Way to go, Cam! He pulled out front and never gave an inch. Dancin' Gene Petz took first in D-1 Consy and Calvin "The Calvinator" Harrington stole first in D-2. Kamsey "Trouble" Nesshoeffer took the lead early but wadded up Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher's bike in turn two. Think he'll let her ride it again? Of course... Scott Ormiston returned from his racing hiatus to give a great show. He was wiping the track for all qualifying races but couldn't quite handle Cam in the main. Welcome back, Scott!

Division 1 Main

1st 10 Jammin' Cam Brooks (GM)
2nd 9 Scott "Speedway Gypsy" Ormison (WL)
3rd 3 David "The Colorado Cowboy" Pieper (WL)
4th X Allen "X-Man" Williams (GM)

Division 1 Consi

1st 57 Dancin' Gene Petz (JAWA)
2nd 45 'Thumbs Up' Chuck Johansen (GM)
3rd 80 Boucin' Bobby Richards (898 JAWA)
4th 21 Conn "The Con Man" Harris (WL)
5th 74 Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern (Didn't finish) (GODDEN)
6th 5 Don "The Target" Foster (Didn't finish) (WL)

Division 2 Main

1st 4 Calvin "The Calvinator" Harringon (JAWA)
2nd 39 Chad Mann (WL)
3rd 67 Ron Grace
4th 27 Mike Rohr (JAWA)
5th 69 Kamsey "Trouble" Nesshoeffer (WL)


This race was a mess. Bouncin' Bobby Richards was the only one left riding. He took first and Scott Ormiston walked his bike across the line to finish second. Way to go!

It was a great show this week. Thanks, guys, for riding great and getting our hearts pumping. Hope to see you out there August 2nd!

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