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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

August 2, 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

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Fun was had by all here at IMI. Buck Blair is back from Europe and made his IMI season debut. He ran over Don "The Target" Foster (see why we named him The Target?), crashed and earned the nickname "Nutsack." Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz had it stuck in his head that we were running TT races and kept flying off the track. Took Buck Blair with him once. But everyone survived. Don "The Target" Foster sat out of the Handicap to recover from fuzzy eye syndrome after he was run over. Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher came all the way out to practice, only to find out that his motor was shot. But he was there for moral support and to help Don hobble off the track. We also had a new Speedway racer this week. Longtime flat track demon Jerry Wilmoth got his hands on Gene Petz's old bike and made a great first time appearance. Everyone was mightily impressed. Good job Jerry! And now for the long awaited results...

Division 1 Main

1st  (17) Rob Ball
2nd  (9) Scott "Speedway Gypsy" Ormiston (WL)
3rd (39) Buck "Nutcup" Blair
4th  (57) Gene "Dancin' Machine" Petz (JAWA)

Division 1 Consi

1st (X) Allen Williams (GM)
2nd  (74) Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern (Godden)
3rd (21) Conn "Con Man" Harris (WL)
4th (5) Don "The Target" Foster (WL)

Division 2

1st   (4) Calvin "The Calvinator" Harrington (JAWA)
2nd  (39) Chad Mann (WL)
3rd   (2) Jerry Wilmoth
4th   (67) Ron Grace

Handicap-Dash for Cash

This is my favorite race and definitely the most exciting, with the more experienced riders blazing through the pack to win. And, of course, that is what happened again this week. Conn "The Con Man" Harris started on the 30 and took the lead fairly early, only to casually watch as Buck "Nutsack" Blair roared from the 50 to win the race. Allen "X-Man" Williams came in third, Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern took fourth, Ron Grace finished fifth and Rob Ball brought in home at sixth.

See ya on the 16th!

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