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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado

August 16, 1997 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

Kenny "The King" Pieper returned this week to reclaim his throne. He grabbed the gate in the main and stretched his lead continuously. He claims he was trying to outrun a thunderstorm that never came. Next race we're doin' a rain dance to see if he'll perform as well again.

In a Division 1 qualifier, Petz hit some marble and Ormiston and King Pieper almost tangled to avoid him, but Pieper slipped to avoid hitting Petz and went down. He still came back to make the main, though. Jerry Wilmoth smashed his hand in a wreck and is headed back to flattrack. We'll miss you, Jerry.

Division 1 Main
1st (11) Kenny "The King" Pieper
2nd (9) Scotty "Speedway Gypsy" Ormiston  (WL)
3rd (3) David "Colorado Cowboy" Pieper (WL)
4th (80) Bouncin' Bobby Richards (JAWA)
5th (5) Don "Batman" Foster (WL)
6th (21) Conn "Con Man" Harris ((WL)

Division 1 Consi
1st  (45) Chuck "Thumbs Up" Johansen   (GM)
2nd  (57) Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz  (JAWA)
3rd  (X) Allen "X-Man" Williams  (GM)
4th  (4) Calvin "The Calvinator" Harrington  (JAWA)
DNF (14) Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher

Division 2
1st (74) Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern (Godden)
2nd (39) Chad Mann (WL)
3rd (69) Kamsey "Trouble" Nessheffer
4th (27) Mike Rohr


The first race had Mike Rohr starting on 0, Chad Mann on the 10, Calvin Harrington on the 20, Don Foster on the 30, Chuck Johnson on the 40 and David Pieper on the 50. Foster sqoze inside to pass Harrington and Johansen was hot on his trail. Rohr slipped back steadily to finish last. Pieper starting experience bike troubles and left the track. Johansen crossed the finish line first, with Foster, Harrington, Mann and Rohr following.

The second heat had Nesshofer on the 10, Kerns on the 20, Harris on the 30, and Richards on the 40. Kerns flew out front while Nesshofer slipped back on the inside. The checkered went to Kerns, with Harris, Richards and Nesshofer in tow.

Handi Main had Mann on the 10, Kerns and Harrington on the 20, Harris and Foster on the 30 and Johansen on the 40. Kerns took the lead immediately. Foster slid between Mann and Harrigton while Johansen slipped inside. Foster twisted his bike on turn one in the second lap, to leave Kerns with the checkered, followed by Johanson, Harris and Mann.

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