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May 24, 1997 - Fairgrounds Raceway
From: Gary Roberts

Round 3 of the points series brought new competition. Johnny Walker, who I don't recall having seen ride for about 10 years, and Kon Baur, a Costa Mesa regular, who also came second in last years points series made the trip up from Los Angeles, to break what has become a tradition of an all Bakersfield riders A final. Last week's winner Randy DiFrancesco was again a clear winner of the A final, with 5 wins in the qualifying races. Robbie and Brad Sauer, the earlier season winners both qualified for the A final, but both fell.

WIth 25 more tons of DG on the track, it was heavy going early on, but as the evening went on the track improved, to being near perfect at the end.

The crowd continues to improve each week, the promotional effort showing clear signs of success. Riders relegated to flagmen and pit staff this week included Jeff Smith and Paul Baldwin, both due to knee injuries. Also missing this week, with a fairly unusual reason, was promising youngster Charlie Powell, who was reported to have injured himself with a pickaxe.

Randy Di Francesco 15
Kon Baur           13
Brad Sauer         10
Johnny Walker      10
Robbie Sauer       10
Tim Appel          10
Terry McCurdy      10
Brian Thompson      9
Kenny Hansen        8
John VanderMuellen  6
Mark Maynard        6
Jason Chabot        3
Marvin Sonnier      3
Jimmy Collins       3
Gerry Duttweiller   3 
Paul Hitchcock      1
A final: 
DiFrancesco, Baur, Walker, R. Sauer (n/f) B. Sauer (n/f)

B final:
R. Sauer, Thompson, McCurdy, Appel, Hansen

C final:
Hansen, VanderMuellen, Sonnier, Maynard, Chabot

D final:
Sonnier, Duttweiler, Collins, Hitchcock (n/s)

Next Saturday is Sunny Country Radio sponsored western night.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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