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Fairgrounds Raceway
Santa Maria, California

May 31, 1997 - Fairgrounds Raceway
From: Gary Roberts

Saturday night was the fourth round of the Spring Fling Points Series, at Santa Maria. The event seemed a bit flat, mostly because the program had to be modified to accomodate only 12 speedway riders, due to 2 last minute cancellations and 2 no-shows.

The program was however supplemented by flat track, midget car and quad racing, which went some way to make up for 4 cancelled heats and a number of 3 man heats. Despite the extremely hot weather during the week the track held up well. It was a little wet to start with, but by the end of the evening was perfect.

Mark Hitchcock     13
Chris Campos       12
Marvin Sonnier     11
Robbie Sauer       11
Billy Lyons        10
John VanderMuellen  9
Gerry Duttweiller   9 
Mark Maynard        8
Jeff Smith          6
Jason Montgomery    3
Jimmy Collins       3
Jason Chabot        1
Charlie Powell      3 reserve, 1 ride
A final 
Sauer, Lyons, Campos, Sonnier, Hitchcock

B final
Lyons, VanderMuellen, Maynard, Duttweiler, Collins

C final
Collins, Smith, Montgomery, Chabot

We are short of riders. Any local riders who want to get on the program, please EMail me. Now that we have built up a bigger crowd, it would be a shame to see it go away, because of the lack of riders.

Next week the points series continues.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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