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Rainbow Falls
Woodland Park, Colorado

1997 Colorado Speedway Ice Racing
January 19, 1997- Rainbow Falls, Colorado
From: Jay Gruetzmacher

 1  Bucky Blair
 2  Pat (The Rat) Litt
 3  (Bouncing) Bob Richards
 4  (Jammin) Cam Brooks
 5  (Do or Die) Jay Gruetzmacher
 6  Mark Blair (Bucky's Uncle)
 7  (Dancin) Gene Petz
 8  Don (The Target) Foster
 9  David Storie
10  Tom Kerns - from Texas! - 

At the speedway motocross (real rough track today) it was warm (65 F. and sunny), a lot better than last week. The Texan (Tom Kerns) came 1300 mile to race with us, unprepared! No ice tires, and a twin cam that just will not start cold. Tom would like to thank ALL the Colorado riders for keeping him racing during his two week stay. I would like to note that Tom was holding a steady 4th until he got hit and went down. We had a 10 man main event.

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