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Rainbow Falls
Woodland Park, Colorado

1997 Colorado State Ice Championship
February 9, 1997 - Rainbow Falls, Colorado
From: Jay Gruetzmacher

 1  Pat (The Rat) Litt
 2  Bucky Blair
 3  (Jamming) Cam Brooks
 4  Don (The Target) Foster
DNF  (Bouncing) Bob Richards
DNF  (Dancing) Gene Petz

It started as a 6 man main. First lap Pat Litt went down, a 3 man chain reaction happened from there. "Bouncing" Bobby Richards will get pins, plates and plaster to his left ankle.

"Dancing" Gene Petz will get pins, plates and plaster to his right arm and a cast for a broken right ankle.

Jay Gruetzmacher (me) went down in semi, and did not make the main event.

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