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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

April 12, 1997 - Costa Mesa Speedway
From: Gary Roberts

The speedway season opened in April 12, at both Southern California tracks running regular weekly speedway, Costa Mesa and Santa Maria. Unfortunately, they both ran at the same time. Having moved up to San Jose, neither is conveniently situated, but the 200 mile drive to Santa Maria was better than the 400 mile drive to Costa Mesa.

The second hand results I received from Costa Mesa were from someone who turned up with no pencil, late, after the programs had run out, hence were sketchy. There was apparently a big crowd, estimated between 4000-5000, giving initial indications at least, that Saturday will draw more people than Friday was doing last year.

Scratch Main:
1. Steve Lucero
2. Bobby Schwartz
3. Mike Faria
4. John Aden
5. Rob Pfetzing
Pfetzing was disqualified for touching the tapes.

Handicap Main:
1. Brad Oxley
2. Paul Colston
3. Shawn McConnell

After that he was unsure. Its a good thing they weren't serving decent beer, or I'd have got even less info from him!

Paul Colston lead for 6.5 of the 8 laps before Brad got past him. Rick Pearce, last weeks handicap main winner had a less successful night, failing to qualify in neither main.

Sorry about the sketch report, I can't be in 2 places at once!

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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