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1998 Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway
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Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway
Dearborn County Fairgrounds
Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

1998 Season Opener
May 29, 1998 Lawrenceburg Motorcycle Speedway
From: Kim Gregory and Barry Benkert whhonda@goodnews.net

The track was under water just days before this event, and rideable only after some great last minute grading and wheel packing by the track crew. They were unable to achieve their legendary billiard table smooth surface, but it was just fine for the thirty go-karts, heats of ATV's, and many flat trackers there for opening night. The surface was a little too rutted and sticky for a good speedway ride though, and we struggled to get round the track with style. Even Chris Hesmer was two-wheeling into the corners for the first heat race.

Even with the 93 F degree temperatures, Chris's brother Aaron demonstrated that a 12 year old on a 250cc speedway bike was competitive with the top 500cc riders here. Being last into the corner proved to be a lot of work for him that night! He was forced to lay it down to avoid his brother, myself, and a local rider as we lost our battle with turns one and two, in three separate races.

There were five bikes in the speedway final, the gate being won by two promising local riders, with Chris Hesmer pushing hard on the inside for turn two. He caught his foot on the inside green, and tumbled, taking himself, and his brother out of the race, giving me an easy third behind the two local hot shoes!

Local favorite Patrick Reynolds was unable to ride due to an earlier injury. The crowd included two Belle Vue speedway fans that came all the way from Sheffield England to see a USA Mile race, and Lawrenceburg Speedway. They showered us with speedway programs they brought from their favorite tracks, and thanked me for the work I have done on the internet. More details to follow...

From: Barry Benkert whhonda@goodnews.net

Thanks for coming down Friday night, I really enjoyed the show, even though I had my hands full. We had 115 entries, plus you speedway riders............... 550 paid adult spectators. The local riders were: Tom Hensler, Pat Behrle, Kevin Hilbert, and Albert Lowe. I felt bad that the program got off to a late start, never in twelve years had we ever gotten off to such a late start............... we had so many new entries, but this is also a good thing! After racing two classes, +30 and the Pro class, I was shot!!!! I wished I could of stayed around for a little while, but as it was, I didn't get home til 2:30 a.m., then back to work at 7:30 Saturday morning!!!!!! Ya now, the mornings come to soon and the evening don't last long enough!!!!

Well gotta run, I'm getting ready for another Friday night, then a 1/2 in Dayton Oh. on Saturday. I've got my hands full, but that's the way I like it!

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