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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, California

Week 3
Saturday June 27, 1998 - Cal Expo
By: Gary Roberts

The third week of Speedway at Cal Expo this season was, like Auburn the night before, a bit light on the first division riders. There was no shortage of good racing, or second or third division riders. Again the weather was very hot well into the evening, making the track difficult to set up, but it was significantly better than the previous two weeks. Not drowning it at half time helped too!

Scratch Main
1. Bart Bast
2. Bobby Hedden
3. Jim Sisemore
4. Mike Faria

Scratch Consolation
1. Bob Hicks
2. Pat Linn
3. Billy Janniro
4. Chad Felicio

Handicap Main
1. Billy Janniro
2. Tommy Hedden
3. Bobby Hedden
4. Bart Bast
5. Chad Felicio
6. Mike Faria

Handicap Consolation
1. Pat Linn
2. Jim Sisemore
3. Bob Hicks
4. Danny Miles
5. Ian Ferris
6. Vance Felicio

Division 2 Main
1. Steve Arena
2. Harlan Bast
3. Dave Booth
4. Mike Gildersleeve
5. Mike Browne
6. Scott Olney

Division 2 Consolation
1. Bill Newby
2. Greg Howell
3. Dick Vargas
4. Tom Adams
5. Dennis Cassidy
6. Scott MacNeil

Division 3 Main
1. Donny Powell
2. David Lee
3. Bob Peters
4. Kevin Fereira
It is probable that these results are incorrect because third man Troy Burton went down on the last corner causing fourth man Bill Dixon to fall down too. As I stated last week, these are not the official results. I find myself frequently out of hearing range of the announcer, and this is the finishing order that I see. Its also quite possible that some of the handicap results are wrong, as its difficult to record a finishing order in a race of 6 to 9 riders.

Division 3 Consolation
1. Bobby Chipman
2. Geno Bellino
3. Rich Mignano
4. Les Veal

Junior Division 1
1. Bryan Yarrow
2. Eric Carillo
3. AJ Jones

Junior Division 2
1. Jon Curry
2. Mat Browne

Junior Division 3
1. JT Mabry
2. Chris Smith
3. Ray Linn

There were a number of good competitive races, with definitely no shortage of overtaking. The only disappointment I had was seeing the size of the crowd. I can only hope that the crowd picks up in the future, as this track is clearly not generating sufficient revenue to cover expenses at the moment. Santa Maria closed at the end of last season because of the crowd size, but the difference there was that we didn't really have a good enough show to attract a crowd. Sideways Saturdays has a full program of 3 divisions and is in the middle of a large city, there is exciting racing and it deserves to succeed.

Next week is July 4, so there is no racing. It resumes on July 11.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

Cal Expo turns 1 and 2 Cal Expo turns 3 and 4

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