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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Week 3
Friday June 26, 1998 - Fast Fridays Speedway
By: Gary Roberts

From: RC Jones

Here is the top 10 in points for Northern California Championship.
1. 887 Mike Faria
2. 846 Bart Bast
3. 736 Jim Sisemore
4. 546 Bobby Hedden
5. 500 Louis Kossuth
6. 472 Tommy Hedden
7. 449 Charlie Venegas
8. 432 Billy Janniro
9. 332 Robert Curry
10.247 Matt Becker

There were a lot of riders missing from the division one program on Friday June 26th.I sure hope that is not the trend of the future... Bart Bast and Mike Faria made it worth the night's admission with a great run in the scratch main event with Faria taking the win. Another great race was the handicap main event with Robert Curry and Billy Janniro in a photo finish, Janniro got the win .. barely. Junior rider Eric Yarrow was the most fun junior to watch as his extreme layback while sideways technique is reminds me of the Moran brothers style. I was not able to make it to Cal Expo as I had prior commitment to photograph the Western States 100 mile race (on foot). I am sure that Gary will post a report.

RC Jones

From Gary Roberts

For a number of reasons, there was a shortage of first division riders, but this did not prevent some very good close racing. The track was absolutely perfect all evening. Riders reasons for absence included work obligations, father taking the bike away, waiting for new bike to arrive and a couple of cases of injury. Congratulations go to the man with most worthy reason for absence, Tommy Hedden, whose wife gave birth to a baby daughter.

Scratch Main
1. Mike Faria
2. Bart Bast
3. Billy Janniro
4. Bobby Hedden
Mike won this event by less than half a wheel, having exchanged places with Bart all race.

Scratch Consolation
1. Chad Felicio
2. Robert Curry
3. Vance Felicio
4. Matt Becker

Handicap Main
1. Billy Janniro
2. Robert Curry
3. Bart Bast
4. Pat Linn
5. Mike Faria
6. Ian Ferris
Again, this was an extremely close finish.

Handicap Main
1. Bobby Hedden
2. Matt Becker
3. Vance Felicio
4. Chad Felicio
5. Randy DiFrancesco
6. Rick Shafer

Division 2 Main
1. Mike Browne
2. Tom Adams
3. George Snodgrass
4. Steve Arena
5. Bill Newby
6. Shawn Eldridge

Division 2 Consolation
1. Dave Booth
2. Harlan Bast
3. Eric Veal
4. Bill Thomas
5. Dennis Cassidy
6. Kevin Cullen

Division 3 Main
1. Kevin Cullen
2. Richard Powell
3. Sean McDougall
4. Glenn Scott
5. David Lee
6. Geno Bellino

Division 3 Consolation
1. Donny Powell
2. Troy Burton
3. Billy Dixon
4. Bobby Chipman

Division 1 Juniors
1. AJ Jones
2. Eric Carillo
3. Bryan Yarrow
4. JJ Martynse
Eric Carillo celebrated his 14th birthday not by winning, but doing 2 absolutely instant lay downs in the first two attempts to run this race.

Division 2 Juniors
1. Scott Hawley
2. Jay Heidt
3. Josh Newby
4. JT Mabry

Division 3 Juniors
1. Brenton Bast
2. Alex Marcucci
3. Ray Linn
4. Chris Smith

Next week, July 3, there is racing and I understand a fire-work display.

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