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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Week 13
Friday August 7, 1998 - Fast Fridays Speedway
By: RC Jones

Unofficial Results
Scratch Main
1.Bob Hicks
2.Jim Sisemore
3.Bart Bast
4.Charlie Venegas

Scratch Consolation
1.Tommy Hedden
2.Billy Janniro
3.Ian Essary
4.Robert Curry fx

Scratch Semifinals
Semi 1
1.Jim Sisemore
2.Bart Bast
3.Robert Curry
4.Tommy Hedden

Semi 2
1.Bob Hicks
2.Charlie Venegas
3.Billy Janniro
4.Ian Essary

Handicap Main Event
1.Bart Bast (40 yards handicap)
2.Tommy Hedden (30)
3.Bob Hicks (40)
4.Jim Sisemore (40)
5.Robert Curry (20)
6.Pat Linn (30)

Handicap Consolation
1.Ian Ferris (10)
2.Billy Janniro (40)
3.Chad Felicio (30)
4.Matt King (0)
5.Vance Felicio
Also qualified was Venegas, did not show up.

Handicap Semifinals
Semi 1
1.Bart Bast (40)
2.Pat Linn (30)
3.Bob Hicks (40)
4.Chad Felicio (30)
5.Ian Ferris (10)
6.Matt King (0)

Semi 2
1.Robert Curry (20)
2.Tommy Hedden (30)
3.Jim Sisemore (40)
4.Billy Janniro (40)
5.Charlie Venegas (40)
6.Vance Felicio (20)

Note:I am making an educated guess at the results below. My apologies to the names in the wrong position.

Division II Main Event
1.Harlan Bast Snr.
2.Bill Newby
3.Bill Thomas
4.Mike Browne
5.George Snodgrass
6.Eric Veal

Division III Main Event
1.Tom Odekirk
2.Donny Powell
3.Mike Douglas
4.Troy Burton
5.Derek Silva
6.Gary Moranville
7.Jeremy Manchester
8.Corey Call

Juniors Division I
1.Bryan Yarrow
2.Eric Carrillo
3.AJ Jones

Juniors Division II
1.Matt Browne
2.JT Mabry
3.Jonathan Curry
4.Jay Heidt

Juniors Division III
1.Mark Carrillo
2.Ray Linn
3.Brenton Bast
4.Alex Marcucci
5.Amanda English
6.Chris Smith
Point standings as of July 31th, 1998.
1.Mike Faria 2183
2.Bart Bast2170
3.Jim Sisemore 1796
4.Bobby Hedden 1645
5.Billy Janniro1349
6.Tommy Hedden 1309
7.Robert Curry888
8.Charlie Venegas 883
9.Pat Linn802.5
10. Chad Felicio744
In the last weekly challenge qualifying race Chad Felicio ran four races to end up the winner.
1.Chad Felicio
2.Tommy Hedden
3.Billy Janniro
4.Bob Hicks
5 Robert Curry

Chad will join Bart Bast, Jim Sisemore, Bobby Hedden and Pat Linn in the Champion Challenge on August 28. In the eliminator format, five riders start, race one lap, the rider in last place is eliminated, then four riders, then three. When there are two riders left, they race for two laps.

Mike Faria update; as I understand it Mike plans to be back on the weekly program on August 21.He has a broken collarbone, cracked ribs and damage to a shoulder blade... Hope he is healed...They took a collection to help offset his medical bills.

In general the track was in great shape, the racing was excellent. A lack of division one riders has made the handicap racing interesting in the heat races but that happens sometimes. Bobby Hedden sat out the night due the fact that he was getting married the next day... That's why I got married in April....

Best race of the night was the handicap semi with Pat Linn holding off Bart Bast until turn 4 of the last lap, with Linn racing with a broken hand, he slipped off the proper line and Bart slipped past for an exciting win. Hicks has been a tear, he won the scratch main last week on Friday, won the Cal Expo Championship with a perfect 15 points on Saturday, and came back tonight with another scratch main win.

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