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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Week 14
Friday August 14, 1998 - Fast Fridays Speedway
By: RC Jones

Unofficial Results

Scratch Main
1.Bart Bast
2.Bob Hicks
3.Chad Felicio
Billy Janniro tx

Scratch Consolation
1.Jimmy Sisemore
2.Charlie Venegas
3.Ian Ferris
4.Tommy Hedden

Scratch Semifinals
Semi 1
1.Bob Hicks
2.Chad Felicio
3.Ian Ferris
4.Jimmy Sisemore

Semi 2
1.Billy Janniro
2.Bart Bast
3.Charlie Venegas
4.Tommy Hedden

Handicap Main Event (25 Laps, well maybe)
1.Charlie Venegas (60 yards handicap)
2.Billy Janniro (60)
3.Bart Bast (60)
4.Tommy Hedden (50)
5.Chad Felicio (50)
6.Jimmy Sisemore (60)
7.Ian Ferris (30)
8.Bob Hicks (60)
9.Matt King (0)
10. Scott McNeil (0)

Note:I am making an educated guess at the results below. My apologies to the names in the wrong position.

Division II Main Event
1.Bobby Chipman
2.George Snodgrass
3.Tom Adams
4.Bill Newby
5.Steve Arena
6.Dave Booth fell

Division III Main Event
1.Donny Powell
2.Mike Douglas
3.Derek Silva
4.Troy Burton
Joe Whiting
Eric Veal
Don Chipman
Brian Ballard

Juniors Division I
1.AJ Jones
2.Bryan Yarrow
3.JJ Martynse

Juniors Division II
1.Jonathan Curry
2.Jay Heidt
3.JT Mabry

Juniors Division III
1.Chris Smith
2.Alex Marcucci
3.Brenton Bast
4.Amanda English
Point standings as of August 7th, 1998.
1.Bart Bast 2319
2.Mike Faria 2183
3.Jimmy Sisemore 1935
4.Bobby Hedden 1645
5.Billy Janniro 1441
6.Tommy Hedden 1428
7.Robert Curry 989
8.Charlie Venegas 959
9.Bob Hicks 889.5
10. Pat Linn 860.5

With only two weeks to go towards the Northern California Championship, Bart Bast has a leg up on Mike Faria. While Faria is scheduled to return next week, I would assume that Bast will be able to keep his points lead and remain Northern California Champ.

Best race of the night was the scratch semi with Bast, Tom Hedden, Janniro and Venegas in a great race. Hedden was put away in turn 1 as the others battled for much of the race before Bast snuck away for the win.

Worst race was the 25 lap handicap main. I was very surprised when I saw that the high handicap riders were not placed farther back. Since they were not back as far as last year they were able to catch the slower riders sooner (before they had sorted themselves out) which caused a couple of red flags. By our count (fans in the stands) we did not come up with 25 laps and poor sportsmanship on the riders made it a race to forget. There was no outside line, so the only passing was waiting for rider to make a mistake and try to slip past on the inside.

Ironmen of the night went to Harlan Bast Sr and Bill Newby. Both riders were called up to race in division I, then came back out to race in division II.

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