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Livermore, California

Week 6 - Season End
October 10, 1998 - Livermore
By: Gary Roberts

Rather a dissappointing end to the season at Livermore on Saturday night. Infact it could be said that the season ended rather quietly in that the public address system was not working. It is the first time I have attended Speedway in the US with no PA system and I have to say, it reminded me of going to speedway in the UK. There was the same lack of atmosphere. It demonstrated how large a part a first class announcer (like Larry Huffman at Costa Mesa or Mike Rooney at Auburn) plays in focusing the crowds attention on essential things that may otherwise be missed.

Then the racing started off badly. In the first race, Donny Powell fell awkwardly on turn 4 and had to be stretchered off. Fortunately it was nothing more serious than a broken nose, but it looked very nasty at the time and prevented him taking further part. He is one of 1998's California Speedway success stories, starting off part way through the season and transferring to Auburn's division 2, then riding in Livermore's division 1.

The Livermore program is very good and displays the riders who sign up to ride, but 50% were missing, some extra riders showed up, but for any specatator who was trying to follow the racing, from the 50% correct program, without a PA system, good luck!

Nevertheless, in front of a small crowd, several very good races took place, between some of the very heavy duty competition present.

Scratch Main
1. Billy Janniro
2. Bobby Hedden
3. Bob Hicks
4. Matt Becker

Scratch Consolation
1. Dave Worthen
2. Bryan Yarrow
3. Dave Booth

Handicap Main
1. Billy Janniro
2. Bobby Hedden
3. Matt Becker
4. Bob Hicks
5. Bryan Yarrow
6. Dave Worthen
7. Dave Booth

2nd Division Main
1. Scott Olney
2. Mike Browne
3. Mike GIldersleeve
4. Bill Thomas

2nd Division Consi
1. Matt Browne
2. Jon Curry
3. Brian Leventon

3rd Division Main
1. Kevin Feriera
2. Jamie Hughes
3. Les Veal
4. Kimi Valentine

The level of competition was measured by the fact that Matt Becker could do no better than 3rd and 4th in the main events. Earlier in the season he was easily winning both. Billy Janniro put on an excellent show, claiming both the top events, beating Bobby Hedden, who is now firmly established as fourth in the nation, in both the AMA and the SRA Nationals.

It was hoped that there would be more riders for the last event of the season at Livermore. As it was, the numbers were helped out by allowing junior riders Bryan Yarrow, Jon Curry and Matt Browne to ride in the senior class. This is probably valuable experience for them, but it does also show how good some of our juniors are. Yarrow put on a respectable performance in division 1, and Curry and Browne were both competitive in division 2. While there seems to be no shortage of new riders showing up each week at events in California, many of them are 40-50 year old born again bikers, who want to try their hand at speedway and I dont think I am destroying anyone's illusions when I say that none of them will be showing up, in the British League, wearing the stars and stripes! But the top juniors are the new riders that will aspire straight into division 1, and be the Bart Basts and Bobby Heddens of the future. (If not the Hamill and Hancocks). For US Speedway to maintain its world class position at an international level, we have to keep these juniors flowing into the sport. Next season will see Donny Robinson and Matt Brown transfer, but in year 2000 the younger talent really gets unleashed with Ryan Fisher, Jon Curry, AJ Jones and Chris Kerr moving up.

I understand there will be some flat track races at this track later in the year. This was to have been the last California event of the season, but next Friday, October 16, there is another meeting at Chico, north of Sacramento, with top division 1 riders appearing.

Gary Roberts

See the photo page for more shots of the first race night at the track!

Livermore Speedway

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