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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado, USA

Week Two
May 9, 1998 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

Our racers are getting back into shape. Most riders finished the night without any major hang-ups, although we did have a few minor bumps and bruises and the guys are trying to get their bikes in shape. But you can sure tell the season is well under way with the fantastic racing we saw tonight. We were able to run a championship format again this evening with our 16 riders.

Round One
Shawn "Hurricane" Hurley got the gate in race one, but Don "The Target" Foster overpowered everyone and took the win. King Kenny Pieper kept poppin' wheelies on the straight-aways in race two, and there was a good contest between him and Rob "Fire" Ball. Ball got the win. Race three was lead by "Up"Chuck Johansen until turn three, when Pat "The Rat" Litt passed on the inside and continually pulled away for the win. Race four was battled out between Bouncin' Bobby Richards and Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern, but Kern pulled forward.

Round Two
The first start of race one had Allen "X Man" Williams hit the dirt in turn 3 and Kern ran up the wall in turn 4. On the restart, Kern took off, running from that wall, and got the win. Race two King Pieper got the gate and smoked Litt, handing Litt his first defeat for the season. Foster kept kissing the tape in race three, and dueled with Johansen. Johansen went wide and Foster took advantage to win this one. In race four, Richards passed Hurley on the inside and Ball took the race by a quarter track.

Round Three
King Pieper looped his bike on the start and suffered a mild concussion. Johansen went down in turn two and Cowboy Pieper took the win. After this race we moved our riders down a spot, as the pole was too tacky to have safe starts. Gene "The Dancin' Machine" took first by half a track in race two. Race three was led cleanly by Ball. Kern led race four for three laps, until Litt saw his opportunity and went outside to pass Kern on turn four for the win.

Round Four
Cowboy Pieper got the gate and the win in race one. Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher went inside to pass Rohr. Both Johansen and Ball had bike problems on lap three, so Kern finished first and Calvin "The Calvinator" Harrington took second. Litt was way out front in race three, and Foster bit it in turns one and three trying to keep up, maintaining his corner one/thee crash combo from last week. Hurley got the gate in race four, but Harris pulled ahead for the win.

Round Five
Cowboy Pieper, Litt and Ball were side by side in turn one, with Litt and Ball pulling ahead. Cowboy Pieper snuck inside Ball in turn three, with a finish of Litt, Cowboy Pieper, Ball, and Mann. Richards got the gate and the win in race two. Kern got the gate in race three, but Petz kept it tight and overcame Kern for the win. Williams led race four. Hurley passed Rohr on the outside, but on lap three went down in turn three. His steel shoe was bent to hell and wedged between Hurley and his bike, but Aaron Kennedy from the Cracker Boys Racing Team came to his rescue and saved his foot. Williams took the win.


1st 28 Pat "The Rat" Litt 14 Points
2nd 74 Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern 13 Points
3rd 3 Dave "Colorado Cowboy" Pieper 12 Points
4th 57 Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz 11 Points
5th 17 Rob "Fire" Ball 10 Points
5 Don "The Target" Foster
6th 80 Bouncin' Bobby Richards 9 Points
7th 21 Con "Air" Harris 7 Points
11 King Kenny Pieper
8th X Allen "X Man" Williams 6 Points
9th 8xl Shawn "Hurricane" Hurley 5 Points
10th 14 Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher 4 Points
45 "Up"Chuck Johansen
Mike Rohr
11th 4 Calvin "The Calvinator" Harrington 3 Points
12th 39 Chad "I Don't Know My Address" Mann 1 Point

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