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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado, USA

Week 4
May 30, 1998 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

Welcome back to Jammin' Cam Brooks and Ron Grace Jr. Its about time you guys made it up here! Tom 'Kamikaze Kid' Kern broke his hand in practice. He rode so well all night, though, that we're bringing a baseball bat next week to continually break his hand.

Round 1
Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz tried passing Rob "Fire" Ball on the inside, then the outside, then the inside, but never quite made it. Ball took the win. In turn three of race two Shawn "Tornado" Hurley hit the dirt and popped up again, only to leave the track a lap later with a broken finger. Jammin' Cam Brooks won his first race out this season. Race three held a battle between Scott "Speedway Gypsy" Ormiston and Don "Batman" Foster. Ormiston pulled ahead, taking second behind the always winning Pat "The Rat" Litt. Race four contained all our D2 riders, with Chad Harris taking the win.

Round 2
Ormiston won race one and Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern won race two. Petz decided the track wasn't long enough and went off the end in race three. Litt took the win. Ron Grace, Jr., took the tape with him as a souvenir for his first evening this season. Trying to outrun the pain, Hurley takes his first win of the year.

Round 3
Litt led the first lap, but Ormiston took over in lap two. He couldn't hang on to the lead, however, and went wide in turn four of lap two, handing the win back to Litt. Foster dumped his bike before race two even started. He pulled it back together, however, for the win, passing Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher. Hurley got the gate in race three and led the first lap, but Ball outran the oncoming Tornado for the win. Allen "X Man" Williams held tight to Brooks in race four, but Brooks kept the lead and the win.

Round 4
Hurley got the gate in race one and Ormiston passed on the inside, outrunning the Tornado for the win. Kern and Gruetzmacher battled in race two, with Kern keeping just enough ahead to win. Brooks swallowed dirt in race three and Ball won. Litt won race four.

Round 5
Williams was leading in the first corner of race one. Gruetzmacher and Foster passed, but Foster couldn't hang on and went down in his favorite corner. Gruetzmacher took the win. Grace left the track in race two, and Ball was leading. Litt laid into it trying to pass Ball and went through the wall. He's okay, though, and our wall has a pretty rat hole now. Thanks to the Cracker Boys Racing Team, who helped haul hay bales to temporarily replace the wall. Declaring the start of Tornado season at IMI, Hurley touched down again in race three, taking his second win for the evening. Kern won race four, his third for the evening.

Kern and Litt tied for second, but after Litt gnawed through the fence he passed on the run-off and took third. Hurley and Brooks ran for fourth. Hurley got the gate and Brooks hit the dirt in turn three. He didn't stay down, though, and was catching up to Hurley on the last lap when he re-visited his previous resting spot.

1st   17 Rob "Fire" Ball  14 Points
2nd   74 Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern  13 Points
3rd   28 Pat "The Rat" Litt  13 Points
4th    8 Shawn "Tornado" Hurley  12 Points
5th   10 Jammin' Cam Brooks  11 Points
6th    9 Scott "Speedway Gypsy" Ormiston  10 Points
      14 Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher 
7th    X Allen "X Man" Williams  9 Points
8th    5 Don "Batman" Foster  8 Points
9th   39 Chad "I don't know my address" Man 5 Points
      96 Chad Harris
      24 Joe "I'm D2" Gawith
10th  67 Ron Grace, Jr.  4 Points
11th  57 Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz  1 Point
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