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Week 7
June 20, 1998 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

Welcome back to Bucky Blair! He has returned home from is European racing tour.

Round One
Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher breezed through race one, taking the checkered as he putted across the finish line. Fuzzy Bucky Blair made an impressive come back, leading Thumbs Up Chuck Johansen, Rob "Fire" Ball and Allen "X Man" Williams through race two. Ball was on Johansen’s ass (literally) but never made it around him. Blair was a blur as he crossed the finish in first. King Kenny Pieper needed to adjust his new clutch so left after a lap in race three. Ron "Amazing" Grace Jr. breezed across the finish line for first. Bouncin' Bobby Richards got the gate and was first into the corner in race four, but Pat "The Rat" Litt passed in the first lap. While Richards never let go of the Rat Tail, Litt took the win.

Round Two
Williams got the gate in race one, but Conn Man Harris was first in the corner, taking the win over Williams and Chad Harris in this battle of the brothers. Grace looped it at the gate due to a new clutch and a tacky track. On the restart Grace was first into the corner and Don "Batman" Foster went under to take the lead. Grace hugged the wall but missed it and Johansen hit the dirt in turn two. Race three was smoother, as Ball got the gate, followed by Litt and Pieper. It looked like a tasty rat sandwich. Richards got the gate in race four, and Gene "The Dancin’ Machine" Petz passed Gruetamacher on the outside and Richards on the inside to take the win.

Round Three
Ball got the gate, corner and win in race one. Richards followed suit in race two. So did Petz in race three. And Blair in race four.

Round Four
Richards passed Chad Harris on the inside to come in second behind Blair in race one. Pieper had his bike rolling well in race two, but kept going wide. He held his lead, though, until Petz did a jig and passed on the inside to take the win. In race three Grace zigged when he shoulda zagged and played in the dirt in turn three. Gruetzmacher took the checkered. Ball got the gate in race four, but Litt bounced ahead for the win.

Round Five
Johansen had bike problems in race one and Grace finally decided to wear the wall that he'd been trying to kiss all night. Petz waltzed across the finish. Blair slid out in race two, but passed Foster on the inside to come in second behind Litt. Race three held a battle between Ball and Richards. Richards bounced the Ball and led for a lap, but went wide and the Ball rolled past for the win. Pieper won race four.

Litt and Petz tied for first and Blair and Richards tied for fourth. Mark Blair also offered $100 bucks to the winner of the top four finishers. In the interest of time, Bucky Blair offered to give Richards fourth if he could run for the hundred bucks. Litt scurried ahead for first, with Ball rolling in close behind. Petz two-stepped in at third and Fuzzy Bucky dropped his bills in turn three to finish fourth.

1st #28 Pat "The Rat" Litt 14 Points
2nd #57 Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz 13 Points
3rd #17 Rob "Fire" Ball 12 Points
4th #39 Fuzzy Bucky Blair 11 Points
#80 Bouncin' Bobby Richards
5th # X Allen "X Man" Williams 8 Points
# 5 Don (The Target) Foster
#14 Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher
6th #11 King Kenny Pieper 7 Points
7th #67 Ron "Amazing" Grace, Jr. 6 Points
#21 Conn Man Harris
#45 Thumbs Up Chuck Johansen
#96 Chad Harris
8th #39 Chad "Slippers" Mann 5 Points

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