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IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado, USA

Week 9
July 18, 1998 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

I guess we wore our riders out at last weeks E. E. "Bud" Ormiston Memorial Invitational, as only 7 guys brought their bikes this Saturday night. Several guys showed up to watch, though, and we held a foot race for them. Rob "Fire" Ball was in the lead, but Thumbs Up Chuck Johansen grabbed Ball, pulling him back and taking over the lead. He won a six pack of Bud.

As for the bikes, Ron "Pig Pen" Grace hit the hay in turn four of lap three. The scary thing, though, is that Jay "Do or Die" Gruetzmacher predicted this would happen before anyone touched rubber on the track. Did the head injury he suffered last week make him psychic??? Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz tried doing the Limbo tonight unsuccessfully and kept touching the ground. With his whole body. He was fine, though, and still kept the smile on his face. Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern had bike problems all night and didn't race much. The battle of the night was between Pat "The Rat" Litt and King Kenny Pieper. They were always close and one was always waiting for the leader to make a small mistake and let him by. Keeping low was the key, and Litt ended up with the right combination.

Division I
1st #28 Pat "The Rat" Litt 14 Points
2nd #11 Kenny "The King" Pieper 11 Points
3rd #74 Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern 3 Points
4th #57 Gene "The Dancin' Machine" Petz 2 Points

Division II
1st #67 Ron "Pig Pen" Grace, Jr. 12 Points
2nd 24 Smokin' Joe Gawith 11 Points
3rd 39 Chad "Slippers" Mann 7 Points

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