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Division One
Rider # Points
Patt Litt 28 15
Rob Ball 17 12
Bucky Blair 39 12
Kenny Pieper 11 12
Scott Orminston 9 10
Dave Pieper 3 10
Cam Brooks 10 8
Don Foster 5 8
Chuck Johansen 45 8
Tom Kern 74 8
Conn Harris 21 5
Allen Williams X 5
Chad Harris 96 3
Bobby Richards 80 3
Ron Grace Jr. 67 0
Division Two
Rider # Points
Shawn Hurley 8 12
Mike Rohr 27 11
Chad Mann B52 6
Jeff Brown 187 1


IMI Motorsports Complex
Erie, Colorado, USA

Colorado State Championship
October 10, 1998 - IMI Motorsports Complex
From: Jennifer Susich, fainche@earthlink.net

October 10, 1998, was a fabulous night. We had a record 188 racers at IMI, with 19 Speedway guys. Cam Brooks showed up for his second race this season, as did Jeff Brown, our newest rider on the track. We ran with 15 riders in Division 1 in championship format, and four guys in Division 2. Special thanks to Speedway Chick Dawn Capra, who lent her ride to Jeff Brown since she wasn't feeling well enough to race.

Heat 1

Division 2
Brown colored his leathers the same as his name as he looped his bike off the line. He was okay, though, and may have found his trademark. Hurricane Hurley took the win.

Division 1
"Holeshot Holstein" Ormiston was sporting a new design on his bike created by X Man Williams. His new nickname should tell you how he looked.(like a cow, ya' know?) And it was good luck for him as he got the gate. Cowboy Pieper graced us by showing up for the championship and loped pass "Thumbs Up" Chuck Johansen in turn 3. King Conn Harris held up the rear while Ormiston finished first riding only on his hind legs. Race two was led by Pat "The Rat" Litt, followed by Don "Batman" Foster and Bouncin' Bobby Richards. Fuzzy Bucky Blair blurred across the finish first in the third race with a wheelie, followed by Kenny "Space King" Pieper, Allen "The X-Man" Williams and Ron "Pig Pen" Grace Jr., who was pulled down by the magnet in turn two. Rob "Fire" Ball sparked too soon and broke the tape in race four. We had a restart with him a position behind. This put him in second in the first turn, led by Tom "Kamikaze Kid" Kern and followed by Chad "Godzilla" Harris and Jammin' Cam Brooks. Kern went down, followed by Harris and the race was restarted again. On the third try, Ball rolled off the gate first and Brooks splashed all over Kern. Kern flowed under Brooks on the back straight to take second behind Ball.

Heat 2

Division 2
Hurricane Hurley blew away Rohr, Mann and Brown.

Division 1
The battle in race one was between Kern and Williams, with Williams coming in third followed by Kern, and led by Litt and King Conn Harris, respectively. Richards and Grace followed suit and battle for the last two positions, with Ball taking first, Johansen second, Richards and then Grace. The Pieper brothers were side by side for the first lap , but Space King Pieper took over and Batman swooped in for second, followed by Cowboy Pieper and Godzilla Harris. Race four didn't allow the cow to stop for water, as Holeshot Holestein Ormiston milked the win over Brooks and Blair.

Heat 3

Division 2
We were in the eye of the Hurricane as he watched the race from the infield after his bike broke. Rohr won, followed by Mann and Brown.

Division 1
Thumbs Up Chuck fell on his butt in race one. He kept trying to get someone to look at it and see if it matched the picture on his helmet. The Rat took first, followed by Blair, Johansen and Godzilla Harris. King Conn Harris and Richards went out in race two, and the Space King Pieper hovered over the Brook. Cowboy Pieper roped in his competition in race three, with Ball and Williams taking second and third. Kern got the gate in race four, Batman went wide and gave the Holstein a wider berth. Magnetized Grace re- visited the dirt in his favorite corner, and the cow fell down. The race finally ended with the Kamikaze Kid in the lead, followed by Batman, Holstein and Pig Pen.

Heat 4

Division 2
Brown busted and couldn't race for the rest of the night. Rohr roared past all in turn two and Hurricane Hurley twirled around Mann in turn 3. On lap four, the Hurricane regained strength and whipped past Rohr on the front straight to take the win.

Division 1
"Fire" Ball blazed through the gate, but Blair blasted past him in the corner. Batman and King Conn took third and fourth. Kamikaze Kid was first in the corner and Thumbs Up Chuck went wide. The Kid and Space King were side by side until Space King threw it into hyperspace and crossed the finish first on one wheel. The Cowboy was trying to ride the Rat and went outside to pass Pig Pen and inside to pass Brooks. He never caught up, though. Holstein took the win in the fourth over his creator, Williams, and Godzilla.

Heat 5

Division 2
This one was all Hurricane, followed by "I Need a Nickname" Rohr and Slippers Mann.

Division 1
The Harris brothers were side by side until the back straight, when King Conn showed Godzilla who was boss. Thumbs Up Chuck went inside to sneak past Batman and Brooks. Thumbs Up got the win, trailed by Brooks, Batman and X-Man. Blair busted a move on Kamikaze Kid and the Cowboy to take first. The Kid went wide, letting the Cowboy mosey on by for second. Race four held the big guns: Pat "The Rat" Litt, Kenny "Space King" Pieper, Rob "Fire" Ball and Scotty "Holeshot Holstein" Ormiston. Fire Ball tried to torch the cow in turn one and we thought we might have to shoot the heifer. But many riders and pit crew people pitched in to revive it. Upon restart, Holeshot Holstein ended up limping out after a lap and the Space King went wide and Fire Ball rolled past for second. Congratulations to Pat "The Rat" Litt, who took the State Championship for the third year straight!

Run-off Space King, Fire Ball and Blair were all tied for second. During the run-off the Space King spun down and broke some ribs. Ball won, followed by Blair. We all wish you a speedy recovery, Kenny.

Thanks to all our riders and fans. You all made the year wonderful! We'll be having a meeting in January to listen to suggestions and lay out the plans for 1999. See ya'll then!

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