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Rainbow Falls
Woodland Park, Colorado

Colorado State Ice Championship
February 8, 1998 - Rainbow Falls
From: Scott Ormiston

In Rainbow Falls, it was a cold day with overcast skies and a breeze that chilled you to the bone. Still we had eight riders to try for the title of Colorado State Ice Champion. Pat Litt and Bucky Blair were the odds on favorites, but Bouncin' Bob Richards, a past winner, could not be ruled out nor could Don Foster or Corky Blair (Bucks brother). Two heats were run to determine who would start on the front row and who would start in the back of the main event. The heat races were to run four laps with a six lap main event to determine the Champion.

The first heat had Don Foster, Bob Richards, Cal Harrington and Corky Blair. The start goes to Bouncin' Bob with Foster and Corky close behind. On the second lap Corky looses a chain and coasts to the pits while Richards and Foster fight it out. across the finish line, Richards takes the win according to the referee, but Foster blasts by right at the line making it impossible for anyone to call for sure.

The second heat features Babblin' Buck Blair, "Ratt" Litt, Gene Petz and Mike Rhorer. Bucky gets the gate, but is called back for jumping and sent to the back row for a restart. On the restart, Litt gets the gate with Blair in close pursuit but manages to hold the lead wire to wire. Coming off turn four on the last lap, Blair catches traction and pulls his front wheel up by Litts' head but is unable to pass, with Petz third and Rohrer fourth.

The front row of the Main has Litt, Buck Blair, Richards and Foster with Corky Blair, Petz, Harrington and Rohrer on the back. With Blair still a little gun shy after his heat race handicap, Litt gets the start followed by Richards, Bucky and Foster. Blair takes Richards on the outside coming off turn two and goes after Litt. Blair catches Litt on the second lap but suffers "flame out" soon thereafter, sending him to the pits. Pat Litt wins the Colorado State Ice Championship followed, in order of finish, by Bouncin' Bob Richards, Don Foster, Corky Blair, Gene Petz, Cal Harrington, Mike Rhorer and Buck Blair.

1st  State Champion Pat (The Rat) Litt (GM)
2nd  Bouncin' Bob Richards (JAWA)
3rd  Don "Batman" Foster (GM)
4th  Corky Blair (Weslake)
5th  Dancin' Gene Petz
6th Cal Harrington (JAWA) 7th Mike Rhorer (Jawa) 8th Bucky Blair (GM)
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