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1998 CSRA Points by Rider


Duncan Luke The top 25 CSRA Cumulative Point scorers at the beginning of 1999
By Duncan Luke. luke99@idirect.com

Also see the CSRA 1999 Season Point Standings as of June 28th, 1999

2000 LEVEL With Len Dillon being sidelined for at least the rest of the season it means that the 2,000 point barrier will not be broken this year. Were it not for his accident "2000 by 2000" would have been a neat millennium target for Len. As it is his actual project is much tougher - to recover from his horrific crash. All fans wish you well Len!!
1Len Dillon 1,856
2John Kehoe 1,630
3Fred Legault 1,310
1000 LEVEL The race to be the next rider to reach the 1000 point plateau is very tight. Jeff Orosz has a 14 point edge with 47 to go but one bad meeting could see that edge vanish.
4Jeff Orosz953
5Chris Hesmer939
6Andy Harris880
7Gary Hesmer797
750 LEVEL Jeff Orosz and Chris Hesmer have been close rivals for several years. Jeff won the National Title in 1997 and Chris took it in 1998. Both will have this year's title clearly in their sights, as will John Kehoe for that matter. Just how close their performances have been is illustrated by the scant 15 point difference in the total points each rider has earned in the last four years. That's 15 in over 500 pts. You cannot get much closer competition than that so we could be in for a summer long struggle to determine you will be in fourth spot on the points list at the end of the season. Should make for good racing! The Muszynski brothers are within reach of the 500 point plateau but it is uncertain just how much racing they will do this year. With most of the remaining 250 point club members in semi or full retirement watch for Nick Fafard to move up the list quickly.
8John Dmytrow474
9Sobec Muszynski457
10Guy Fafard419
11Eric Rooker416
12Bogden Muszynski408
13Bo Nielsen378
14The late Gary Ford368
15Rob Fisher365
16Paul Gradwell363
17Joanne Edwards351
18Gaetan Carignan345
19Larry Neill317
20Keith Rooker310
21Tom Braithwaite286
22Glen Brown279
23Tim Ford268
24Nick Fafard263
25Robert Slabon250
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