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July 23, 1999 Paris Speedway
From: Kim Gregory

Gary Hesmer

Gary Hesmer - Champion of the Night

For the first time this season, Gary Hesmer wins the Main Event Final. He has won the Handicap Final here on June 18 and had a string of second place finishes, keeping him tied for the Points Championship with Freddy Legault. He started his first heats on his cousin's (Aaron Hesmer) Laydown GM, but could not get the power to the track. He switched back to his 898 upright for the win.

The Main Event had a terrific start with Nick Fafard out in front and Freddy, Gary and Greg Comstock, side by side, tied for second, until turn three where Greg (outside) went down. The race was restarted with Greg on the penalty line. Nick was not prepared for the referee's quick start, and Gary Hesmer pulled off a good gate, and held it for the win. Nick got second, followed by Freddy and Greg. Greg won the first heat on his new backup Laydown and looked smoother on it tonight, but didn't recover from his crash, and penalty line start.

The handicap race had Division Two rider Byron Ambro hold first for most of the race. He rode a very steady, close line, keeping far enough ahead not to be challenged until Joe Heye got past him near the end for the win.

Division two gave us the most passing and thrills of the night ending with a close battle in the Main Event between Joe Heye and Casey Franic, with Heye taking the win. Michel Lemay from Quebec (his second night on this track) took third, followed by Byron Ambro.

13 year old Jeremy Musson won the Division Three, second week in a row!

Track Crew to thank for tonight's event:
Dave Havill (Track Manager)
Chris Howes (Announcer)
Dennis Birmingham ( Track Upkeep and Ticket Sales)
Tim Robbins (Starting Marshal)
Alex Wilson (Grader)
Glen Peltier and Brian Long (Flag Marshals)
Sharron Robbins (Pit Gate Marshal)
Carrol Havill and Duncan Luke (Administration)
and CMA Referees (Mike Binkley, Revin Robillard and Mike Fair) keeping it all under control!

Sponsors to thank for tonight's event:
The Rad Pad 519 622-5145
Fast Forward 519 740-8308
The Barking Fish 519 658-4451
Freddi's Variety 519 622-6372
Fisher Office Environments Ltd. 519 767-0201
AMS Motorcycles Inc. 519 453-6130
BC's Sports Rock Bar + Grille 519 623-6999
Castle Building Centres 519 623-1410
Performance Cycle 519 658-5819
Terry's Lawn + Power Equipment Inc. 519 623-0111
Pro Machining Inc.519 740-7727
Dave's Dogs stand -New Cambridge Center
Jerry P. Heye 519 875-2064
Tec Train 905 335-4778
Cylinder Head Supply 1-800-694-3237

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