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Niagara Raceway
Netherby Road / Townline Tunnel
Welland, Ontario, Canada

1999 Week Two
June 19, 1999 Niagara Raceway
By: Duncan Luke. luke99@idirect.com

Chris Hesmer 1997

Chris Hesmer takes the Final! Second week in a row!

For the second week there were two number one plates in use but the CMA has now ruled on this dispute.

For the remainder of the season at Welland, John Kehoe is the #1 plateholder apart from the National Championship, when it will be Chris Hesmer's. John will also have the #1 plate at half mile events which, along with Welland's weekly races, make up the CMA series covered by this plate.

Chris's #1 plate covers the National Championship and all meetings at Paris which are not part of the other series. Complicated? You bet! It was much simpler when there were two National titles available, Short-track and long-track!

Division 1 racing on the night was rather routine although the final featured an absorbing race long battle for third place. Fred Legault, who is in good form at present, held off a series of determined challenges from John Kehoe with Wisconsin veteran Greg Comstock also in close attention until he slid off on the final turn. He then earned an appreciative round of applause from the crowd when he picked his bike up and pushed it home. Quite an effort on Welland's large track for the fifty plus veteran. Chris Hesmer completed an unbeaten evening with a clear win in the final and for the second week in a row Jeff Orosz provided the excitement. He missed the gate in his first race and powered around the outside to second before picking up traction coming out of turn four. He reared and came off the back of his bike before it hammered into the safety fence. Fortunately he was only winded and after a minute or two was back on his feet and running to the pits for his back-up bike for the rerun. No wonder he is a crowd favorite.

Joe Heye, on his first outing at Welland, won both Division 2 heats and looked in command in the final before drifting wide on the last lap. This allowed 14 year old Aaron Hesmer to nip through on the inside for a popular victory. Almost all the action in the final was on the last lap as John Dmytrow, on the track again this week, moved up to third over Ryan Rainville and Casey Franic moved past Joel Keller for fifth place.

OFFICIAL RACE RESULTS June 19, 1999 Niagara Raceway
By Duncan Luke. luke99@idirect.com
See the 1999 CSRA Cumulative Pointscorers
and the CSRA 1999 Season Point Standings
DIVISION 1 Qualifying scores
Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 1 2 Total
2 1K 31 37 62 * IK John Kehoe 3 3 6
3 1H 68 75 1H Chris Hesmer 3 3 6
5 1K 68 75 62 31 Jeff Orosz 2 2 4
6 1H 31 37 68 Fred Legault 2 2 4
75 Greg Comstock 1 1 2
7 Consol 75 37 62 37 Gary Hesmer 1 1 2
62 Joanne Edwards 0 0 0
9 FINAL 1H 31 68 1K 75 **
* 31 crashed 10yds on restart.
** 68 down on turn 2 full restart. 75 fell and pushed home.
DIVISION 2 Qualifying scores
1 46 81 60 7 12 80 80 e/t 46 Joe Heye 5 5 10
4 46 12 81 80 7 60 DNS e/t 81 John Dmytrow 4 3 7
12 Aaron Hesmer 1 4 5
8 FINAL 12 46 81 60 80 7 * 60 Ryan Rainville 3 3
7 Joel Keller 2 1 3
* 80 started on 10yds line as extra finalist. 80 Casey Franic 0 2 2
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