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Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo
Sacramento, California

Sideways Saturdays Speedway
Cal Expo - Sacramento, CA
Saturday June 26, 1999

Bart Bast wins the Main Event! Second week in a row! Bart Bast - 1999

More good speedway at Cal Expo in Sacramento. Again high temperatures throughout the day required enormous quantities of water to poured on the track, which I understand had been happening all week. The track was beatifully flat, although towards the end of the evening the racing line narrowed to a blue groove with dust on the outside.

Unofficial results:

Scratch Main

1. Bart Bast
2. Billy Janniro
3. Ian Ferris
4. Jim Sisemore.
Jim touched the tapes and was disqualified. Bart got the gate and lead the whole race. Ian Ferris held off the frequently airborne Billy Janniro until the run to the tapes on the final lap and lost to Billy by only a couple of feet.

Scratch Consi

1. Ryan Fisher
2. Matt Becker
3. Robert Curry
4. Mike Faria
For the second time in the evening Mike Faria slid round and fell down in turn one. Ryan Fisher rode a great race, to win from Matt Becker. Matt must be one of the unluckiest riders around. After pulling a wheelie on his slow down lap, the front wheel hit the ground and his leading links both snapped off the fork bottoms. This followed ignition failures at Auburn the night before on his other machine.

Handicap Main

1. Ian Ferris
2. Ryan Fisher
3. Jim Sisemore
4. Mike Faria
5. Dave Faria
6. Robert Curry
A great race by young Ian Ferris and a good job by Ryan Fisher to hold second, with some very heavy duty competition behind him, sitting waiting for him to make a mistake. I read reports that Ryan has been suspended until his 16th birthday from riding at Costa Mesa. The 500 mile each way journey for Ryan and his family to come up north to race must be a real inconvenience. The beneficiaries of this are the Northern California fans who are clearly privileged to witness history in the making. This kid gets even better every week.

Handicap Consi

1. Paul Orlandi
2. Chad Felicio
3. Billy Janniro
4. Bart Bast
5. Bobby Hedden
6. Pat Linn
Paul Orlandi rode Speedway from 1972 till 1991. Yesterday morning I was reading through a friend's old Speedway programs, and there was Paul Orlandi's name as a second division rider in a 1972 Baylands program. This year, after a 7 year break, he is back. He spent the first two or three weeks getting back into the swing, but now looks totally comfortable as demonstrated by this win.

Division 2 Main

1. Donny Powell
2. John O'Connell
3. Harlan Bast Snr.
4. Tom Adams
5. Richard Powell
6. Rachalle Kerr

Division 2 Consi

1. Derek Silva
2. Mike Browne
3. Greg Howell
4. Bill Dixon
5. Jay Heidt
Matt Browne qualified, but was a non-starter

Division 3 Main

1. Kevin Fereira
2. Craig Boone
3. Ron Woodsford
4. Vince Bertolucci
5. Mark Thomas
6. Ivan Sevart

Division 3 Consi

1. Harry Bradwell
2. Brian Leventon
3. Bill Warnock
4. Gary Hubbert
5. Rich Mignano
6. Greg Hooten Snr.

Division 1 Juniors

1. Eric Carrillo
2. Bryan Yarrow
3. Chris Kerr
4. Jon Curry
5. JJ Martynse
6. AJ Jones

Division 2 Juniors

1. JT Mabry
2. Greg Hooten Jnr.
3. Ray Linn
4. Alex Marcucci

Division 3 Juniors

1. TJ Fowler
2. Mark Carrillo
3. Danny Easley
4. Chris Smith
5. Amanda English
11 year old TJ Fowler has been racing for about a month. This was his first main event win at Cal Expo. Equally interesting with his own youth is his bike, which is at least three times his age. (Photograph to be displayed on his page.)

Next week there will be demonstration Speedway races at the Sacramento Cal Expo Independence Day celebrations. Hopefully some of the 30,000 crowd who are expected to turn up will get sufficiently addicted to recognize what they are missing and come and fill some of Cal Expo's empty seats at future events! Back to the regular program on July 10.

Gary Roberts - gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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